Coffee and beer

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OK, so my sister and her husband recently got a puppy - a Dobie. Heidi is her name and she likes coffee. Steals it from my sister every time her back is turned.

One of my kits, Tallulah, likes beer. She steals it from me ever time MY back is turned.

After coffee snarfing, Heidi runs around the house and bounces off walls and leaps over sofas in a single bound while my Tulley just watches. And burps.

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That is so not funny Scooter. Giving a cat alcohol and a dog coffee? What the hell is wrong with you. You need to keep better track of your things. Would you still think this was funny if it was your 2 year old child?


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We have a friends dog that does that. She is a husky and you have to watch to make sure there aren't any drinks left around or where she can get at them. Not only will she try to steal what you are drinking she will actually sit on the bar stool at their house and howl like she is asking for a drink.

I remember we were at their house for a party once and I was sitting with my drink in my hands. While in a conversation I was wondering why my hand felt like someone was pulling on it, looked down and there she was drinking right out of my glass!

I don't know what is it but some animals just like the taste, but its not good for them at all.

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One New Year's Eve (a very long time ago) we had a small party and I managed to sneak a couple of drinks of scotch and water. Mom didn't know until later that evening when my Auntie Syb told on me. The next morning I had a headache and from then on, Mom watched me like a hawk and made sure every one kept their drinks out of my reach. She's such a spoilsport!!!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud


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I had a friend who owned a bar. His pug just loved drinking beer, which my friend gave to him every night, to the delight of the customers. My friend died of alcoholism; as far as I know, the dog has kicked the habit and is still alive.


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The doggy is now going to canine AA and says "Arf arf arf," which in doggy language means "One day at a time." He has started smoking, however.