Unicorn meat?

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Has been COTD!
Purred: Thu Jul 15, '10 4:57pm PST 
How do unicorns know that someone's a virgin, anyway?


Supervisor cat - is not amused.
Purred: Fri Jul 16, '10 6:14pm PST 
They probably assume that anyone without a mid-evil style chastity belt is not one. big laugh

That or they can look in your eyes and KNOW if you are telling the truth when they ask you.


Purred: Wed Sep 15, '10 6:00pm PST 
If my cat eats unicorn meat will she fart out glitter?

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Fri Sep 17, '10 5:21am PST 
LMAO Mochi! laugh out loudbig laughlaugh out loudbig laugh

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Fri Sep 17, '10 6:07am PST 
laugh out loud Mochi. That is just too funnybig laugh


Purred: Mon Dec 13, '10 7:55pm PST 
I think I inheirited some heirloom tomatoes once. They were in pretty bad shape, though, as they had been passed down through several generations...

Ik... I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. 'Skuse me....

As for nuns and unicorns, well, I've known one or two nuns who would gladly slaughter a whole herd of unicorns if they thought it would keep you from daydreaming.

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