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Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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If you told me this morning I had to make the decision to put my cat to sleep or not i'd have called you a liar. Smokey had a tumor in his throat he had trouble eating for the last 4 days and it was getting noticeably worse when he was swallowing. We took him to the vet and said he had trouble eating the vet moved his tongue around which smokey had not allowed me to do. I saw this tumour that had been making my cat sick and i just broke down the vet said it is most likely cancerous ans chemo os an option. I turned this option down immediately, was I wrong? I want my cat to be my cat not some poor sick weak cat that can't enjoy all the simple things such as hunting mice or rabbits. Not to mention money. I was there dueing the injection it was so sad i was holding him and he just went limp in about 2 seconds. Gone. My smokey i miss him so much i just wish i made the most of when i had him. I would give anything just to have him back.im 16 and smokey was 12 we grew up together he wasnt just a friend he was a brother. Why do i feel like it wasnt his time. I feel like he was cheated he was a healthy boy until this. I cant stop crying i just miss him so much. How can i make myself feel better I just feel so worthless and like i have let him down. I knew he wouldnt be around for forever but I just cant stand it.

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No matter how much time you have together, it's never enough. Our first dog, Pharaoh, had a cancerous tumor in his throat. The vet said he could operate but in all reality, he wouldn't be able to get all of the tumor because of its location. We opted to have the operation. Pharaoh felt good afterward, but in only a few weeks the tumor started growing. He would have to lay on his bed with his head hanging over the side so he could breathe and he got weak. I was afraid he would choke and suffocate so I knew I would have to let him go.

There are two paths to travel for your furchild to go to the Rainbow Bridge. The first is a longer, drawn out one over a period of months or even years, where he gets progressively weaker and more sick. You may be able to hold it back for awhile, with medication, surgery, etc., but there still is a downward spiral. The second path is quick; sometimes in a day or two your furchild is gone. He may be playing, happy and content and everything in your world is going along fine and the next thing you know, he's gone and you're second-guessing yourself.

Smokey and you went down the second path and you're agonizing if you could have done something. You did what was right for Smokey. You put his welfare first, before you own. That is what a good, kind and loving purrson does. Your heart is now broken, but you saved Smokey from the suffering cancer can cause. Whether you have been together for two years or twenty, you can prepare yourself for the fateful day in your mind, but never in your heart. Comfort yourself knowing that he was in good health almost to the end and know that you took great care of him for all of his 12 years with you. Know that he will be with you in your heart, always ... watching over you, and waiting for the time you will be together again at the Rainbow Bridge.


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