Ghost of your Kitty?

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Mackenzie- (in loving- memory)

Gimme some- lovins!
Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 11:44am PST 
I was with my husband in the kitchen, making a turkey sandwich. I started talking about the sound of the wrapper and that it usually brings at least one kitty (we have two at the moment) into the kitchen because they love deli turkey. Sure enough, we heard the "thump" of four paws of Milo (our bigger kitty) hitting the floor and the jingle of the bell from his collar. We laughed and said "uh, oh" because I was going to have to share my turkey.

We waited for him to come around the corner. He didn't show up. So we went into the other room, and BOTH cats were completely still, SOUND asleep. Their heartbeats were slow and steady. They didn't even open their eyes.

There was no way one of them could have jumped down and immediately back up. We are 100% sure that we both heard a cat jump down from the chair, the bells jingling.

It wasn't either of them, so who was it?

Our Angel kitty, Mackenzie, went to the Rainbow Bridge four years ago. He loved turkey so much that I only had to walk into the kitchen for him to run in there, expecting a bite. He knew the sound of the wrapper, the sound of the refrigerator drawer, the whole process. He'd hear it from another floor, no matter how quiet I'd try to be.

There is no other answer than Mackenzie. My husband and I got the willies - we literally had the goosebumps over and over for the next few minutes. The sensation just wouldn't go away. I called out his name and offered him a bite.

It really touched us because he was such a special little guy. We shared 12 years with him. It makes sense that if he could return, he would. And it wasn't the first time we've experienced him after going to the Rainbow Bridge.

So has anyone else had a similar experience?little angel

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I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 3:28pm PST 
that is a very sweet thing to have experienced! I had that with my dog, he would always do the 3 turn thing & flop down & his tags would jingle. Every so often, I hear that click click click thump, and I know Casey has stopped by to check on us. I like knowing that I have an angel watching over me...

Steinem - In Memory

Let\'s see what- we can get into- to
Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 3:29pm PST 
What a wonderful gift you received. I often feel that my cat, Steniem, is watching me play with the two cats who rule my life now. She's probably laughing at how they have me trained. I've never heard her though; it's magical.

Steniem's Mom

Mackenzie- (in loving- memory)

Gimme some- lovins!
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 3:30pm PST 
I am so happy I'm not the only one. It's happened before - but this is the first time someone else experienced the same exact thing at the same exact moment. I do feel extra lucky. I felt like I could talk out loud to Mackenzie and not feel like I haven't moved on.

Thank you for the replies!!!hug

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 6:41pm PST 
I too, felt something strange.

I was in bed & Kally Kat was no where near me, I felt 4 paws jump on my bed as I got up to look there was no cat, but I know what it felt like! shock

It was a very scary, but maybe a gud feeling that it was one of my girls in kitty heavens! rainbow

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

Mommys Kitty- Girl! I know- I\'m loved!
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '13 7:29am PST 
Two weeks ago I was commentint to a friend on FB that I had not had a sign from Bella that she was ok when a small piece of ice in the glass I was drinking from snapped off from the cube and hit me square in the cheek!

I think it was her saying 'er, MOM!!!'

We had another 'ghost kitty' at our old apartment. Husband saw her twice. I saw her once when laying on the couch-she was a grey and orange calico, very pretty.

We haven't seen her since we moved-we don't really know who she was...she would most often play with Ruffy and CK in the mornings.

RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Wed Jan 16, '13 6:26am PST 
Hi...it is Jan here.....I was very interested in your posts about hearing (or seeing) your loved kitties who have passed over the Bridge.....I have lived with cats and been their Meouwmy for almost 40 years and I think I MIGHT have sometimes heard one or another of those who have gone...but perhaps it was just the wind in the trees.....don't know....

HOWEVER...I DO have a quite interesting story to tell, in this regard.....so grab a mousepie and gather round.....

Firstly, must tell you that this is a story about the Amazing Grandad Conrad...(look him up on his page: Grandad Conrad c/o Facebook, England.....)

ANYWAY, many years ago, when the Grandad Conrad was only a little babbie-cat and was called 'Conrad' or 'Raddy', and was nowhere near the potential that he later reached as the 'Magnificent and Revolting' Grandad, he lived here in our house with me (the Meouwmy); a male human; and an assortment of other kitties.....one of which was the 'Miss Lucy'....

He loved the Miss Lucy....he loved her from the moment he first saw her, when he was brought home to us all as a tiny 2-month old babbie......and the Miss Lucy loved him...(although he was always revolting - right from the start).....and she looked after him and tried to show him the correct way to go....and she would play with him...especially in the circular flower bed in the middle of the front garden...in and out of the budlia bushes, round and round and under the stone trough in the centre and 'hah...caught you...you didn't know I was there did you...?!!'.....

The Miss Lucy died in 2002, while the Grandad was still young-ish....not sure how old...but, whatever, they still played in the central circular flower bed until the Miss Lucy could do it no more.....

I (Jan) hope you are enjoying this little story....I am certainly enjoying writing it....for it takes me back to good times with the Miss Lucy and the Revolting Joseph Conrad.......

Anyway....the punchline of the story (and what relates to the Forum Title: 'Ghost of your Kitty?') is that, when the Miss Lucy had gone over Rainbow Bridge, the Grandad... still then the young 'Joseph Conrad - Raddy'....knew she was gone....and he was very sad....and I took him to the vets and said 'he is not eating' and the Vet said: 'he has to grieve'.....and one time he sat on the stone table in the back garden and he HISSED at a plane going across the sky.....

And he would go out to the central flower bed in the front garden...he would walk there.....and then he would jump about and play and be totally silly and look under the stone trough.....and prat around.....

Did he find the 'ghost' of the Miss Lucy there ready to play with him? Or did he go there in the HOPE that he would find her ghost there and if he pratted about enough she would come and play with him?

Don't know....


Nigel ~Angel- DB #41b

11 pounds of- pure love!

Purred: Fri Jan 18, '13 7:26pm PST 
Nigel passed away on October 22, 2010. He passed away in my lap. About a month or so before he passed away I was in the "computer room" of our previous house when I saw a black cat tail pass by the door and go down the hallway. I knew it was Kiki, my first cat, who passed away in 2000. She loved Nigel. I could tell it was her because of her short, black, bottle-brush-looking tail. I knew it wasn't Tabi because Tabi's tail is longer. I looked down the hallway and there was no way the cat I saw was any other kitties' tail. Later on after Nigel passed away, my husband asked me if I had seen anything strange. I said, no, not lately. The only time was when I thought I saw Kiki in the hallway and I told him what had happened. He said he saw Kiki too in the same place around the same time. I think she was coming for Nigel to take him to the Bridge. I never saw Nigel again at that house, but my husband saw him a few more times. He would ask me if a cat had passed by his back while his was lying on the floor watching tv and I would tell him no, I didn't. He would sometimes feel a cat brush against him and he would feel a tail. One day, my husband said he was walking down the hallway and he said he saw Nigel sitting by the bathroom door. He said he could tell it was Nigel because he saw the little brown spots that Nigel had on his nose.

We moved into this current house last May. One night several months ago, I was sitting on the sofa and my husband was sitting on the loveseat. The left side of the sofa and the right side of the loveseat meet in the left-hand corner of the living room. Out of my eye to the left I see a cat figure pass by my husband and jump off the loveseat into the corner. I didn't say anything. After a minute, my husband asked me if I saw a cat pass by him because he felt something pass by his head. He asked where Kenji was because Kenji was running around the house a while earlier and running across the loveseat. Tabi, Gimli, Kenji and K.C. were all in the kitchen which I could see from where I was sitting. Since then, my husband hasn't asked me about any strange happenings.

RW Angel- Kenji Muto- DB #101b

Meowmie's- Sunshine

Purred: Fri Jan 18, '13 8:42pm PST 
Seven weeks after Nigel passed, Kenji came into our lives. big grin I believe Nigel sent him to us.

Winnie- (Angel)

Purred: Sun Jan 20, '13 1:45pm PST 
I've heard winnie since she crossed the bridge, she had a very raspy meow and both myself and my husband have heard her, the first time was just 2 days after she passed we came home from shopping and we heard her meow in between us, she always did because we used to buy her cooked chicken as a treat, my husband bent down automatically to stroke her but of course she wasnt there....i quite often hear cats walking by me or feel them around my ankles when my 3 are all asleep or in a different room, i've lost 3 fur babies including Winnie so its lovely to think that they are still with me.

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