She's not gonna get better.

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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I just heard my Noortje isn't gonna get better.
She has cancer; sometimes she just disappears for a day or 2 and then comes back for food.

We just got back from the vet and she told me that it is cancer. She got meds for getting the situation stable so she can have her last days in peace and comfort.

I just don't know how to cope with the loss that is coming.
I just signed up because I read some of the messages and felt instantly at home with the catlovers around here smile

I hope you can give me some advice on how to spoil her the final days and how to cope with her being gone soon... :-(

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Hello dear,
Firstly, I don't know what the vet has said to you, but I, myself, am a cancer survivor. There are some of us here, who do battle with the B C and win.

That said, life is not in the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

Please keep her inside. A cat battling an illness needs lots of indoor saftety. We simply don't have the ability to fight illness and other things.

Give medicine on time. Search out the best foods you can that will help heal and make her feel better. I always got baby food as a treat-just plain old stage one beef or chicken gerber baby food. I enjoyed it.

I had chemo and it did me wonders. Very little illness, and I am very playful and strong today.

My mom and many of the other pawrents here send you much love, prayers and we send you purrs. Enjoy each day. Remember, she doesn't look at life as you do. She lives in the moment. Humans worry way too much about 'time'. For us, time is now.

We'd love to see pictures of her, and be able to purr for her.

Many many hugs and purrs....
Natalie the Natcat

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This is Delyte. Sometimes it looks like cancer and it is not. I had a huge tumor taken out of my intestines 7 years ago last week and I am still here. It was not cancer, they never did figure out what it was. IF it had not been for a good young vet and my stubborn person, who was willing to spend the $2K for the surgery and follow-up, I would have gone to the Bridge then.

Do please keep her inside and see if there are any other forms of treatment you can give. Cats are not wise when they get even a little sick--they go and hide until they feel better or die, when modern medicine might be able to cure them or buy them quite a bit more time with their people. We had a kitty who had to be outside and we think she died because she didn't feel well and went outside. We never saw her again and we don't know what happened to her. That is still so painful for my person, and we would not like to see it happen to you.

We are all purring for you here, me and the three brat Gray cats! meditate hug cat on moon

Apollo (In- Memory)

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Oh, please keep Noortje indoors. Sick cats go someplace to hide and she could be attacked by another animal or she will be so weak that she can't get back home and you will never know what happened.

As you said, the vet gave you medicine to keep Noortje comfortable. But once she isn't comfortable -- she quits eating, has accidents outside the litterbox, hides from you -- tells you she is in pain and you need to make the decision to help her to the Bridge. You have to be very brave because she loves you and is relying on you to help her. Believe me when I say that all Catsters have been through this and we know what it is to feel your heart breaking. But we also believe that the parting is temporary because we will all meet again at the Bridge. Hold on to that thought to give you the courage to help Noortje.


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I got stuff to tell you, that would help you, but right now, I just can't, I lost Bump 2 months ago, and its still very very painful, will try to get back in here tonight or 2 mar o. ((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))

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Thank you all so much for your messages and love!
I feel a bit better now, yesterday I was just crying my eyes out all day, and now my eyes are dry and painfull, so reading this made me feel really good.
Thanks for your support!

Yesterday when we came back from the vet (the cancer is in her right cheek and has spread out to her lymph gland, so it can't be cured anymore frown I would have given everything, all of my money, all of my valueable stuff, just to make her better, but I can't frown), it was like she knew that we now know what is going on with her and that she tried to tell us all along.
Normally when we would open the door, she would instantly run off and go to the park which is less than a block from here, but now she just sat in the grass enjoying the sun and let me take some pictures of and with her.
It was like she said; "Now you know, I won't run off as much now, but we have to enjoy our time together as much as we can, but when it's time you'll have to let me go." And then it was like she smiled at me and she went off laying in the shade.

I played, hugged and talked to her and she purred to whole time.

But I still don't know how I'm going to cope with this; if she dies, it'll be like missing an arm or something frown
Yesterday she went off to the park again and now she's back here, so I'll try to keep her inside as much as I can smile

Is it weird if I talk to my cat to say goodbye to her? red face

Big hugs for all of you! flowers

P.s: I'll post some pics of her big grin


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It's not wierd at all. I know my mom will talk to me and stroke me as much as she can when my time comes. I am in good health at the minute but at 17-18 it could change.

Tell your cat how much you love her every chance you get, and cuddle her if she will let you.xxxxx

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You're doing the right thing...and you will feel better knowing you made her last days happy...mama did that with me too. I was diagnosed with heart failure in November 2007 and only lived 2 months after that. Mama spent efury day making sure I was loved and happy. The day I went to the bridge was furry hard fur her too, but she knew she did efurything she could and she knew that I knew it too by my purrs.

Oh and my mama just had to put my sisfur to sleep too so she's familiar with losing a special kitty.

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Purred: Mon Jul 9, '12 5:51am PST 
Thanks for your replies! Really means a lot to me that you are all trying to help me cope with this smile

It's really weird; normally she would run off for 2 days or so and now she's here; sleeping in my parents bedroom, on top of my mom's belly (like she always does big grin) and this morning she was up early to go outside and enjoy the sun.
When I came back from work, she was laying in a chair in the shade en called me over when she saw me! big grin
I hope medication is making her stable, but the right side of her teeth are loose or already gone, so eating is very hard for her and it seems like she's not interested in cat milk anymore frown

I took like 200 pictures of and with her and cuddle with her as much as I can.

What do cats usually like when they are inside in the evening?

Thanks again, you're all lovely people and I told my Noortje about you! big grin


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None of us really know how much time we have. Pet her, love her - tell her all your feelings. It will feel good for you to get them out, and in their way, I truly feel that cats understand us. You are making memories now, that you will have to comfort you in the days ahead. Try not to dwell too much on the inevitable - I know easier said than done, but you want good memories, not sad ones. The greatest final gift you will be able to give your baby, is no more pain. You can be with her & set her free. I wish that we could do that for people we love. Know that we are all here for you, we all do understand how much you love her & how hard this is. I wish you peace. purrs & pawtaps hug

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