Our Sweet Opie Thunderbear

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Fri Mar 11, '11 5:53am PST 
We still miss Opie so much. He was a beautiful cat with a sweet heart, but he died from Chron's disease when he was nine years old. He has been gone about a year. We keep thinking, "OK, you've been gone long enough, please come back"....cryhug

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Steinem - In Memory

Let\'s see what- we can get into- to
Purred: Fri Mar 11, '11 6:04am PST 
hug Our sympathies on the loss of your Opie Thunderbear. Our Mom still wishes I could come back but I sent her two wonderful kitties to be her babies. She'll never forget me; I'm the reason she loves Siamese mix kitties.

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Fri Mar 11, '11 6:58am PST 
Crossing Over

I can see a Rainbow

The sun shines after rain

They say they send you Rainbows

When they cross the Bridge again

Because you see they bound between the worlds

Dance and play beyond the veil

Because mysterious is the Spirit

That wears those ears and tail

You may feel her in those moments

When she'd greet you at the door

For she can play in good health now

And skid across the floor

Her playmates yes they see her,

They meow at unseen form

For in this very moment

She's waiting to be reborn

As perhaps another kitten

Who will tap with playful paw

And gaze at you with emerald eyes

To tell you what she saw

That yes there is a Rainbow Bridge

Filled with fields of Clover

And there is really nothing to it

Coming to and Crossing Over

D.A.H.K 2/2011

My mommy wrote this poem abut my cousin who went to rainbow bridge not long ago.
Mommy wanted to say how sorry she was, and we are too. We are purring for you...

the cats here in Kew Gardens

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Fri Mar 11, '11 8:43am PST 
OH that last line just resonates so much with me. "Okay, you've been gone long enough now, please come back". That's exactly what usually happens even when losing a human person. The first year is kind of like a dream you think you'll wake up from. The second year is usually harder. It was for me! Her second anniversary hit me super hard. We understand, this is definitely normal grieving and it's so hard. hug


Sing a new- song...
Purred: Fri Mar 11, '11 7:01pm PST 
We have no words, just sweet soft purrrrs, and tears we shed in Opie's honor... hug


I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:29pm PST 
sending purrs, it surely is never easy. and that was a beautiful poem posted above.

Benny Grunch- & Jimmy Dean- ILM

Brothers - Together Forever
Purred: Tue Mar 15, '11 9:04am PST 
We know how you feel....our meowmy lost us in Hurricane Katrina, and still misses us. But we sent her some other kitties to help fill the hole in her heart.

Sending soft paw pats, purrs and hugs.

The New Orleans Kittieshug

Pumpkin- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Pumpkin - (Rainbow Bridge,- March 18, 2011
Purred: Thu Mar 17, '11 2:35pm PST 
Thoughts & prayers to Opie's family. He was very lucky to have found such a loving home.


Constellation- Cat
Purred: Fri Mar 18, '11 1:18pm PST 
All 5 of us have been gone for a year and a half now...mom still is in shock that we were killed by the shelter when we were only 8 weeks old. We are purring hard for your still grieving family.hug

Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Fri Mar 18, '11 4:37pm PST 
Virgo, we saw your story a month ago, and could hardly BREATHE just reading it! Not surprised your momma is still traumatized! We put her on our daily purrayer list, and mom & I purray for her every morning, that she will be able to move on and trust again. Heaven needed all 5 of you to teach all those oldtimers up there what to do with their newly re-kittenized bodies!
Our thoughts & purrayers are also with Opie Thunderbear's family. You never forget their goodness, and they are each so special in their own different ways. So generous & purrfectly unconditional with their love & forgiveness! Think of how lucky we are to get to have them! For however long, or short, it would never be long enough! Luv, Tinkkitty