Sharing a discovery...Ghost Cat in Photo

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Im so beautiful,- it hurts!
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Hi everyone again...back in May my lovely Pookie passed away and its been a total heartbreak everyday living without her. So like sometimes I do regularly now, I look at the photos of Pookie on my cell phone at night sometime before I go to bed. Well, a few photos caught my eye... I have 9 photos of an orb thats in different spots above her body, bright and large. I remembered I took these photos the last full night she was with us before passing the next night. The 9th photo shows a cats face in the orb/light! I hope, hope, hope that this means there is something out there for our poor lovely baby animals. She's the world to me and fluke or not this makes me feel good she wasn't alone here and there. I have the photo posted on Pookies facebook. Tell me what you think!
Pookie Congdon

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Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

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Not sure, but it is strange.

A picture I took of Athena years ago, has what looks like a twinkling star on the tip of one of her whiskers. One psychic says a twinkling light in a photo is an Angel. little angel I'm sure there are ghosts out there, too.