My First Post: On Saying Goodbye - The sadness of it.

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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I LOVE my kitten, Sammy; he came to live with me in Nov 2010. Very cute, soft, sweet. But I will never ever ever get over the loss of Matty last July 2010. Had cats my whole life, but losing Matty was beyond anything I'd ever experienced. I guess Matty was THE CAT, the one special fellow who became part of my soul. Still hurts. I cry each day. I am so glad Sammy and I found each other. Having Sammy has helped but I will always mourn and miss my Matty.cry

Miss- Elizabeth- Bennett

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We understand.....there is always that cat that seemes to really have a special place in your heart. Glad you opened your heart again and gave Sammy (what a handsome guy he is!!) a home. There are SO many kittens out there who would love to adopt a person, please think about getting him a playmate. Know he would enjoy the company and it is always fun to watch two cats play together.

Welcome to CATSTER....

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Thank you, Miss Eliz.B for your kind response & welcome to Catster! And what a sweet orange tabby-kit in the photos! And OUT of the cold -- I am so happy about that! (A cute story!)

Miss- Elizabeth- Bennett

Looking for Mr.- Darcy
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You are most welcome Mr.Sammy.....you know it does not take much to have a human eating out of your paw....MOL..MOL... And yes, it is the BEST to have a nice warm bed to sleep in, next to my meowmy.

Lizzie Bennett


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Welcome to Catster Sammy.

You are right, there is sometimes that one special kitty who takes your heart in their paw and never lets go. So good of you to making room in your heart for Sammy. I believe that our past kitties help to choose the next one by giving them a whisper in the ear when they see you and saying that "this is your new mommy, go to them". We certainly feel that our Angel Whispers chose Misty for us. She is a purrrfect fit in this house too!

I hope you find lots of furriendships and support and laughter here with us Sammy! The Late Late show gets together in the What I love about Catster forums every Friday evening around 7-11pm CST. I try to make it but mommy works nights so sometimes we fall asleep instead laugh out loud

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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We're so sorry for your loss. I was my momma's soul kitty. I ended up having to send her Finney and Lacey because she was so distraught over losing me, she was getting very sick and didn't care about life anymore. It's amazing how much you humans can love us furry ones. It means to the world to us and there is no better connection than ours. hug

Sally- ♥- Sweet Angel

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I understand what you mean. Sally was my soul cat and losing her was heart-breaking and devastating. I miss her every day. A year after she passed away, she sent me two kittens, Leo and Charlie, to help heal my heart. But she will always be my special baby girl and I miss her so, so much.

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Hi and welcome to catster, mom knows how you feel too I was her "little human on four legs" I never seemed like anything less than a little person to her and it broke her heart the day the stayed on the floor with me when I could only take a few steps at a time. there are 5 kittes in her house now after I was her only cat for almost 20 years and she still misses me with all the other kittes there. Lavish your love on the kitty you have now that is what my mom does. doesn't make the sad times go away it just makes it easier.

Alfie♥Forever Loved

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Hello and welcome to catster! I was my mom's little boy in a catsuit!
It has been over a year since I left her but for mom, no time passed at all. She will always miss me,but life has to go on and life without kitties is not much of a life. So glad that you too opened your heart to another sweet kitty. I agree with someone who said he could use a playmate!
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