Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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I wrote about his condition a couple of months ago in Cat Health but can't find the thread. He had wasted away so much. Just skin and bones. It wasn't up to me to put him to sleep, it was up to my ex, because Leo belongs to him. However, I've lived with Leo for seven years. I did not know how very attached I have become to him until he was on the veterinarian's table. We waited too long... his last two days, a huge abscess had formed under his right eye presumably due to an infected tooth....I don't know how much pain he was in....Watching him be injected with a sedative and then leave his body a few seconds after euthanasia was administered....I wanted to be there for him so I had no choice but to see it done....I never cry in front of strangers but I wept so much.... Poor poor cat.... We all miss him so much.... I'm concerned for the last feline standing, Nikki and how he will tolerate being the only feline in the house. I'm going through so much grief and some people are callous and mock my pain. It hurts so much. I cry when I listen to any kind of sad music, thinking of this wonderful, light-spirited, curious, vocal , friendliest cat and his last hours here... Hurts frown

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ooh so sorry for your loss, we all here know how it hurts to lose them, we pray and purr for your comfort in your time of grief. It is a very said thing for the people that can mock your pain for they have never expericened the unconditional love of one of these beautiful God created creatures. Please pawmail me if you need someone to talk to or come back here often there are lots of kitty parents here that all know what it is like to feel this kind of pain. Wishing we could ease your pain, big hug.

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So sorry Leonidas had to cross the bridge like that. hug
Just know that now he is healthy and no longer in pain and is watching over you. little angel

I was not well for a while, had a proceedure done at the vets and I came through it. I was going to be going home that afternoon when I passed suddenly at the vets. My furless family regrets not being there. But I have come by and tried to comfort their hearts. I choose Misty for them and she has added lots of kitten joy.

I belive that after some time has passed Leonidas will choose a new kitten or cat for you and your boyfriend to love in addition to the one you have now. It wont be right away of course, but if you have a kitten that suddenly appears, or steals your heart when you dont think you are quite ready- that is probably the one chosen for you by your angel Leonidas.

-- Also if you click on the 'my posts' or 'my familie's posts' links at the bottom of a post you have made you may more easily find the thread you were looking for.

Huggs and Angel kisses
little angel hug

~ Whispers

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I'm so sorry for your wonderful Leonidas, and how he passed.
You did all you could for him, and that you didn't do it sooner, you can't beat yourself up for. He is ok, he's gone to a better place...and his spirit leapt free as he left his body behind.

I have never understood why it is that people who don't understand see animals as 'less than' humans. We creatures have feelings, we love and care about each other, we love our people. We don't care what you look like when you come home, so long as you do. We are devoted because we want to be and we think the world of our people.

Please know you are thought of here. This is a grief you dont' need to carry alone. You did all you could do. You are a good person, and you loved Leonidas...and that in the end, is what matters.

We send you lots of purrs, and our mom and dad lots of hugs.

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Don't let anyone ever tell you that you shouldn't experience this. You fell in love with this beautiful creature and I'm sure he did with you as well. You have EVERY right to feel what you feel and I know it's hard to understand why some people can't feel what you do. But we understand perfectly and you can come here as much as you like and talk with us. We're all here for you and we know exactly the pain you feel. Leo is with us now at the bridge and not suffering any longer. He's resting and will soon be able to jump, run, play. We're so very sorry for your loss and the pain you're feeling. It's okay to let it out! Don't hold it in because others can't understand. It's their loss that they're incapable of feeling this kind of pure love.

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I think the truth is that many people, once they leave the intense stage of grief behind, don't want to remember how bad it really was and so they don't give others the compassion they need to get thru it. We, however, are people who can't forget how bad it was, and want to help others who have a real heart for animals. My family loves animals, but they have never seemed to have the level of empathy for them that I was born with. It only makes sense, if you are struggling with the grief, to stay around the people who most understand. They will be your best support. I work at a vet's office, and we are VERY concerned about the people who DON'T cry!!!!! Cry, cry, CRY - because it's SAD! And - we are human, we hope situations will improve, we don't always know what to do. Give yourself a break. Love & cherish Nikki - you will help each other thru this. Our thoughts and purrayers are with you! Luv, Tink cryshrughug

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Bless Leonidas hug He knew and knows he is forever loved.



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So sorry to hear about Leonidas. He had a crossing with you by his side. Don't listen to those people.
Those are your feelings and anyone who has a pet will understand. Leonidas will always be in your heart and memories. Our codolescences to you.....Natasha and Alex.