Dora passed away this past monday

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


Purred: Fri Jan 28, '11 3:57pm PST 
We raised Dora from kitten to 1 1/2 year old cat, to us she was one of a kind, quiet, loving the best house cat we ever had. We don't know where she contracted feline leukimia but we loved her to the end. She passed away in my arms.


Purred: Fri Jan 28, '11 4:24pm PST 
Our family is so sorry for the loss of your Dora. Remember that she is now at the Rainbow Bridge and is healthy and full of strength and vogor. You will see each other again.hug

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Fri Jan 28, '11 4:30pm PST 
Oh my goodness. We're so very, very sorry for your loss. It's just heartbreaking to lose a furchild. Everyone here knows that feeling very well, so you've come to the right place for support. We're always here to talk to and give a hug. hug


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

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Safe Journey sweet Dora.


Smokie Boo- Dreamboat- #104b

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Dear Doras Mommy,
Please know my pawrents and the other cats who live here with me are sending you purrs and hugs.
We love you for your wonderful love of Dora. To fly to the Rainbow from your person's arms must be the most perfect thing.
We know you are sad, know we send you purrs of comfort.

As cats, we have such a different concept of time. A good plate of food, a warm place to sleep, someone to love us, a person or persons to call our own, a home to call our own. Thats all we really ask. Dora had that. Her life was so full, and life doesn't end, really, it simply changes planes. Dora will never be far away. She has her wings now.

Much love amd purrings of comfort