Jewels is gone, I miss her so much

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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my very first cat Jewels passed away on monday, she had a stroke and had to be put down because of heart problems. i was with her to the very end. I have never had to deal with the lost of a cat before so this is very painful. I miss her so much and to keep going on like things are normal hurts. I don't know how to make this any easier and I feel like i'm going to forget her if I try to move on. I need some advise on how to make life a little easier without her. I do have another cat called mittens

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Hi Jewels. Losing a loved one is so difficult. The only thing my person has found is that over time it hurts less. She still misses me a lot, but over the past several years it has gone from hurting every minute of every day to a little less each day, week, month and year. Now she is able to think of me fondly, mostly without tearing up when she does so. I was the first kitty my mom and dad had together, I died of intestinal cancer, it was a slow progress. My brother Morey died about 18 months later when a lymph node in his neck exploded. Currently my parents have four fur kids. One of them is battling both congestive heart failure and renal failure at the same time. It is a struggle every day knowing that ultimately they will lose another furkid. We can only tell you that over time it hurts less and tell you how sorry we are for your loss.

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I wish there was a magic wand we could wave or a button we could push to make the pain go away but there just isn't. My momma really did a number on her own health after losing me, it hurt her so much. 2 1/2 years later she still has her days when she can't think about it or talk about it too much. For humans that love us furbabies this much, the pain of losing us is brutal. So very, very sorry for your loss. The only thing I can suggest is to read what my momma wrote about Grief on our website: http://ibdkitties.net/stressandgrief.html. Scroll down to the grief part and some of the suggestions and links might help you. If not, we're here to offer support. hug

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Maybe there is some comfort in knowing you are not alone. I lost my pal on ll/l3/l0, and nothing takes away the pain - only time - eventually, you will remember the good times. I have had three sets of Siamese, and each and every time the loss brings on the same pain. I can not sleep, eat, and I can't motivate my self to do anything. I cry on a daily basis. My prayers are with you...


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It is so hard to lose a loved furbaby. Even though years have passed I still feel like crying when I think of my first cat Jessie and my horse Mariah.

You are not alone. It will hurt a lot for a long time, but eventually you will come to some kind of terms with it.

Please accept our purrs and condolences.

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awww, she looks like my cookie cat frown

I am so sorry for your loss. I can recall the first pet we put to sleep. He was a beautiful orange tabby and white who was hit by a car. It was very sad, and i still remember to this day.

It helps to 'allow' yourself to be sad. Cry into your pillow, cry to your new kitty. Let is all out.

After that, you can busy yourself with caring for your other kitty, and other tasks. and maybe, in time, adopt another kitty.

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I lost my Henry a little over 2 months ago, and I still miss him. This Christmas will be very hard as he loved to hide under the tree and play with all the decorations. Although I still think of him daily and miss him terribly, I'm not crying every day anymore. It's OK to be sad, but trying to move on doesn't mean you will forget Jewels. hug


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Safe Journey sweet little one.


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Honey, you will never forget Jewels. You WILL be able to move past this first deep hurt. Give yourself time to grieve and try to remember the good times and funny stuff and things she got into.

I've been gone since 1987 and Mom still misses me but when she thinks of me now, it's with a smile and maybe a few tears. She has never forgotten me and she adopted Charley because he reminded her of me so much.

You will always miss her but the hurt will lessen with time.


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So very sorry for your loss. The first kitty I had to help send to the rainbow bridge was over two years ago it was my skids kitty she was with me for over 19 years and we are not sure how old she was when we got her. She had CRF I always said I would never do this but then with skids the dr said it was the best I could do for her to this day it is still painful at times like when I know she will not be here to help decorate the Christmas tree. Then just this October I had do to it again for my alley kitty she had FIP and was only 18 mths old. Dont hold back your tears, I continue to let them know I love them. Give lots of love to mittens cause I am sure mittens misses jewels too and you can comfort each other. Praying for your comfort, lots of purrs and headbuts. Know that you will never forget her even as you move on.

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