good bye buck

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


Purred: Fri Nov 26, '10 10:42am PST 
i know this is for cats but my chinchilla buck was one of of my cats friends, and they wanted to say a little good bye. Yesterday while i was at work the poor little guy got his teeth stuck around the bar od his 6 foot
Chin cage he was four and a half, very loving and it was such a shock to come home to, i loved him so much and he was still young, so goodbye buck i hope we meet again

alley cat- angel

Miss Alley girl- girl
Purred: Fri Nov 26, '10 6:13pm PST 
SO very sorry for your loss. I know it must have been a shock and it hurts. Your right that this site is for cats but they mourn the loss of a friend so give your kitties lots of love as I am sure they must be in shock as well and they can give comfort back, I know mine kitty did when I lost my parakeet a couple of years ago.