Your Emergency Contact Cards (Preparing for Life without Mom or Dad)

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Purred: Thu May 15, '08 6:00pm PST 
We are saddened over the loss of Laurel & are purring that Tess, Aldo & Noelle can stay together & find a loving home.

Hazel Lucy this thread was a pawsome idea. I hope it helps everyfur.

Our mom has a fairly big family & they all know how important we are to her. They also know that should anything happen her that we are to go to Grandmom &/or her neice Leslie (Tigress' meowmy.)

She has never made up any legal documents saying this but she feels assured knowing that her family knows & she definately knows Grandmom & Leslie wouldn't let us be sent away somewhere.

She also knows that should anything happen to her that Leslie would let our Catster friends know & vice versa.

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Ah, this is very sad. I don't want to think about mommy or daddy dying. They have, though. If either dies, the other will keep me of course, but if they both should die, they already signed something that said I should go live with dad's mom. For a while they were worried though, because dad's mom had cancer. Of course she got better, so they have yet to decide who else could take care of me if grandma wasn't available.

I guess my thought on the matter is not just to designate one person to take care of your furmily, but to keep those instructions up to date, or create an order of succession in the event that your emergency caretaker passes before mom and dad can update their wills.

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Purred: Thu May 15, '08 6:22pm PST 
Mom just finished working on this web page and it's live now. She'll add more to it, the suggested links, etc., but wanted the samples to be available quickly. Please let me know if you find errors. We're worn out.
Emergency Contact Cards

Hazel Lucy


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Hazel Lucy that page is fantastic. I am going to have mom make cards up for us. Thanks for all your hard work. hug

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Purred: Thu May 15, '08 10:38pm PST 
Thank you for starting this topic Hazel Lucy. We are very sad for the reason but know that all of our momma's (and daddies) want us all to be well taken care of no matter what.


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We are so sorry to hear about Laurel . . .and pray that Tess, Aldo, and Noelle will be taken care of the way that Laurel would want them to be. Thank you Hazel Lucy for starting this thread. It is so important that we do have a plan for our pets if something happens to us. Our local SPCA has a program where you can arrange for them to take your animals in the event you can no longer take care of them, due to death or illness. I work at a hospital as an oncolgy nurse, and now at my suggestion, we include in our packets that we give out to our cancer patients, a pamphlet about the local SPCA's "Angel" program to try to get seriously ill patients to make arrangements for their pets while they are still able to do so.
The information cards are great examples Hazel Lucy---thanks again--you have given us some good examples of more things we can do to protect our pets.
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That's great what you do. Would you send me a pamphlet or the link to it?
At a later point we can create a page with all the info for different areas of the country and even around the world. There is a lot of good info on the web but many Catsters want to stay right here so let's bring the information to them!
Glad something helpful is coming out of this sad time.
Hazel Lucy

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Hazel Lucy,
You are wonderful for starting this thread. It's one of those things we think we'll get to...one of these days.
I volunteer at a local shelter here and there was a situation last year where a woman died in her car...IN HER DRIVEWAY...the car door was open, yet no one knew she was dead for about a week. She had 7 dogs in her home (one was being boarded there) and a cat. She had bags of dog food in her car, having just returned from the store. All but 2 of the dogs were adopted (the two had to be euthanized) and are doing well now, but it's impossible to imagine what is was like to be waiting for mom to come home and have no food or water for a week.

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How SAD!! Meowmie has special cards with our info on it, in her wallet-- and on a piece of paper above her bed.

She should also put a copy of that info behind the front door too.

It also has the Pet Sitter's name on it, and the Pet sitter is authorized to take us to the Vettie if we need to be taken there too.

NONE of Meowmie's relatives are Cat Friendly -- ugh.

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Laurel's passing makes you realize how fragile life is - it can all change in the blink of an eye. We don't like to think about it, but it is smart to be prepared for what can happen. There are some wonderpurr ideas here.

Here in San Francisco the SPCA has a program for people to make plans for their pets after they pass if they have no one who can care for them.


Also, mom wanted to share something she does when she and dad go on vacation and we are here with a relative or friend. She calls the vet and lets them know the situation and leaves her credit card number and the person's name so they can use it in case we need a vet visit while mom and dad are gone.

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