Tailgate Party!! Sunday Night Nov 10, Dallas at New Orleans

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RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Oct 7, '13 9:43pm PST 
Ya all are cordually invited, to a massive and fun, tailgate party, for the Sunday Night Game, Dallas at New Orleans, on Nov 10, at the Super Dome, in New Orleans, LA !!! wavecheerdancinghappy dancepartypartywelcome

The game starts at 8;30pm est, the tailgate party, starts, whenever kitties show up! wave

There will be games for kittens, and entertainment for adult kitties. There will be refreshments for adult kitties, with proper ID, and hot chocolate for kittens, baby wipes and bibs will be provided, for those that need them, Pepper will bring sippy cups, please include that in your reservation.

The menu has not been decided yet, but will be catered by Cruiser.

Come sample the spicy and excellent quisene of New Orleans and the huge and awesome beef from Texas!

Please feel free, to submit your suggestions for the menu, Cruiser will be very glad, to cater to any requests.

All kitties are welcome, and Cowboy will welcome, any zelia bets, MOL. laugh out loudbig laughwave

See ya at the game!!! wavecheerdancinghappy danceway to go


Do-Not-Mess-With- -Texas-You-Will-- Not-Win
Purred: Fri Oct 25, '13 3:47am PST 
Bump up. waveway to go


Super- freakey----MEOW!
Purred: Sun Oct 27, '13 8:06pm PST 
If mom remembers Sonny and I will be there, it's been awhile since we have been tail gating. laugh out loudhamster dance


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:32am PST 
We is lookin forward, to the awesome hospitality, of the city of New Orleans! wave


Queen of the- Cheetahs and- Wiggy's Wife!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 9:13am PST 
Cruiser, I will get with you this week so we can finalize your menu, Bump with you for the tour and Cowboy the hotel arrangements.

All of the above will be posted during the week so please check back.

We will have Saint and Cowboy apparel and gift bags with team goodies in our private box we have reserved for our Catster guests.

In the parking lot I will have MY (well Daddy's shhhh) 3/4 ton Chevy pickup decorated for the Saints. Bump will have his 3/4 ton Ford pickup decorated for the Cowboys. Trust me...you will see them!


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:09pm PST 
Tom Benson told Jerry Jones, to tell me, that a special area will be set up, for our tailgate party, and he is very happy to provide anything extra that we may need. He is indeed, a very gracious host. applause

We are shipping over half a side of Texas Black Angus beef, Jerry Jones will bring it on the team plane, but he said we are responisble for it, when it gets there. Pepper, do ya have a big freezer, we can use? way to go

Bump wants to know, if we can tour the French Quarter too? Cruiser wants to see the old Southern mansions, like the Civil War, plantation kinds. I told him, I would ask you, if that is possible, he is busy, planning his menu, and is looking forward to your help, with the New Orleans quisene.


Super- freakey----MEOW!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:31pm PST 
Oh dear, I thought this was a catster tail gate, but it appears to be a real one huh? I don't think we will be making it.....


Queen of the- Cheetahs and- Wiggy's Wife!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 6:44pm PST 
It is happening right here Macy! See you Sunday!"


Super- freakey----MEOW!
Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 7:45pm PST 
Ok MOL...you crafty cats made it sound like you were really going....we will bring the pom poms!cheercheer


Queen of the- Cheetahs and- Wiggy's Wife!
Purred: Thu Nov 7, '13 5:42am PST 
Yea Macy!!!!cheer

Saints Tailgate Menu:
Char grilled Oysters on the Half Shell
Shrimp Imperial
Seafood Gumbo
Crawfish Pasta
Alligator Chili
Boudan: reg, hot
Boiled shrimp and crab
Black and Blue Chicken ~open faced bite sized sandwich
Mini Muffalettas~
Roast Beef, Oyster, or Shrimp Po-Boy
Jambalaya ~
Etouffee ~
Shrimp Creole ~
Duck and Andouille Gumbo~
Cowboy Tailgate Menu:

From the Grill:
Side of beef
Whole pig
Spicy Queso Dip
Layered Spicy Black Bean Dip
The Twelfth Man's Wings
Beef Fajitas with Pico de Gallo
Beer Can Chicken
Mexican Party Drumsticks -
Moink Balls - Moink...as in "Moo" and "Oink". Bacon-wrapped meatballs.
Jalapeno Popper Burgers
Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs
Tailgate Armadillo Eggs
Texas Chili

Sides and Desserts in the center

Veggie tray
Fruit tray
Red Beans
Stuffed squash
Red taters
Corn on the cob
Homemade Dips

Bananas Foster ~
Peach Cobbler ~

Open Bar with specialty team drinks

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