Suggesttion fur a furever star zealie.......

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Pigeon - misses you!- :(

♥ Moms- Shadow ♥
Purred: Wed Oct 20, '10 6:30pm PST 
wave Hi! I know I've suggested this before and I'll try again......what about a "Heart Of Gold", Furever Star for those Furiends of ours that have just that ?!!! Some Members are just so Kind , Generous and are always helping others out of the Goodness of their Hearts! They deserve this!!!!! kitty Please consider this? Thankyou H.Q.'s !!!! We Love ya! smile

Edited by author Wed Oct 20, '10 6:31pm PST



Supervisor cat - is not amused.
Purred: Thu Oct 21, '10 12:52am PST 
That would be cool. Maybe even put an old fashioned keyhole in it. It would be cool looking either way! I love the idea. Hopefully some furless with imagery skillz can make it smile


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Thu Oct 21, '10 4:42am PST 
I agree, but I think it should be a blue star, mol. The blue star has alot of power, and, ya don't mess with the blue star. way to go