Our Very Dear Friend Athena

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RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Tue Oct 19, '10 3:54pm PST 
Athena and her brother Apollo, adopted their mommy, when they were just kittens in a shelter. She suspected Athena may have been abused, and the lady that brought her in to the shelter, said her husband was going to shoot the kittens.

That wonderful day, was the beginning of a beautiful and wonderful friendship and love affair.

Athena watched over her mommy, when she was very sick, and never left her side, comforting her, as if to say, its OK mommy, I love you, I will watch over you.

She loved to bring mousies in the house, as a present to her mommy. And watch TV with her mommy. Athena ran thru the house like a crazy girl, at warp speed, and attacked the table and chair legs, and kept them in line. When Athena looked her mommy in the eyes, their souls met, they were soul mates for life.

Sadly, on October 16 2010, her mommy made the very couragous and heartbreaking decision, to end Athena's pain.

Athena got to look at the night sky and see the beautiful stars, and smell the crisp night air. She looked at her mommy and said, its OK, I love you, I will always watch over you, from the Rainbow Bridge.

Athena is at the Rainbow Bridge, with her brother Aragorn, until they meet their mommy someday. Athena and Aragorn will be playing in a beautiful sun drenched meadow, and will stop, and sniff, and look in the distance. They spot their mommy!

Kitties and mommy run to each other, and the kitties jump in her arms, and she covers them in kisses and hugs. The soulmates have been re-united.

Kitties, please raise your glasses, and pay tribute, to our very dear friend Athena. We all loved her so much, and we miss her very much. Please share your thoughts with her mommy and any stories you want to share with her.

Here is her link. http://www.catster.com/cats/76205

Rest in peace, our very dear friend Athena, we miss you!

your pals
Bumpurr, Cowboy and Cruiser


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Fri Oct 22, '10 7:17pm PST 
Bumpurring it up. way to go


Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Fri Oct 22, '10 7:55pm PST 
beautiful tribute Bumpway to go


My Heart Belongs- to Marina
Purred: Fri Oct 22, '10 9:25pm PST 

Angel Sandy

Always an Angel
Purred: Fri Oct 22, '10 9:30pm PST 
Wonderful tribute Bump! *cheekrubs and headbonks*

Wuss, in Loving Memory

I hiss and- spit....therefor- e I Meow!
Purred: Mon Oct 25, '10 2:59pm PST 
Don't worry....I met Athena at the Bridge, and she sends her love to all!

Batman (In Loving Memory)

Purred: Mon Oct 25, '10 3:02pm PST 
I was with my sister Wuss at the Bridge to meet Athena....I will help guide Athena to all that is beautiful to see at the Rainbow bridge....she has so many friends up here!