The Catster Mastercard Debit Card

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Purred: Thu Apr 1, '10 8:01am PST 
Does anyone have this and are there any monthly/hidden fees that I should be aware of? I'm thinking of getting one.


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Purred: Wed Apr 28, '10 3:07pm PST 
I was thinking about it too - anyone have one?


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Purred: Wed Apr 28, '10 4:05pm PST 
I am not familiar with this topic. But in my experience, companies issue credit cards to make money. It's my belief that a VISA card will get you everywhere. I am a racial minority and am sensitive to being prejudiced against because of the color of my skin. I have applied for credit cards and been rejected because I am a person of color. Go with the big companies, not the small ones. You really only need one credit card.


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Purred: Thu Apr 29, '10 8:38pm PST 
The Catster Debit MasterCard works just like your current bank debit or ATM card, but provides you with great cash rewards. It links to your current checking account so you don't need to change banks. Like your current card, when you make a purchase or withdraw cash, the amount of your transaction is deducted from your checking account and recorded on your bank statement.

However, with the Catster Debit MasterCard, you earn .5% of the transaction amount whenever you sign for a purchase.

How do I earn rewards?
You earn .5% of the transaction amount whenever you sign for a purchase. We deposit this money directly into your checking account every month.
way to go


Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 9:58am PST 
$10 monthly fee. I own one its actually a pretty nice card because you show your love for your feline friend but it would be even better with no fees!


Purred: Fri Jun 4, '10 10:04am PST 
Sorry those $10 are ONCE A YEAR! thanks for the sorry inconvenience.


Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 11:39am PST 
I have it and they make money off of an annual fee of 10.00 that's all.