Win 25 Zealies!

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Furry Girl
Purred: Mon Feb 17, '14 9:11pm PST 
I've got a new game in my diary! Check it out now and play to win 25 Zealies!


Furry Girl
Purred: Tue Feb 18, '14 12:09pm PST 
Scratch that!! I've sweetened the pot and will now be giving away 100 Zealies to the cat with the winning answer!! cheerhappy dancehamster dancesnoopy


Head of- household
Purred: Tue Feb 18, '14 12:11pm PST 
That's more like it, Vanessa! applause 25 Zealies just ain't what it used to be! wink


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Tue Feb 18, '14 1:03pm PST 
Ohhh this is like the good old days of Catster way to gocheerbig laughbig grin

Off to check out your diary right now Vanessa, but I can guarantee I won't know the answer, and that's before I've even looked laugh out loud