Please Vote for Me! :-D

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Tiny Dancer

"I am kitty,- hear me roar . .- ."
Purred: Tue Jul 19, '11 11:32am PST 
Hi there,

I have no idea what people would be voting for me for, but it would be fun to be voted for.

I'm a handicat with Radial Hypoplasia. Mommy saved me from certain death from another foster's home who was neglecting me and the emergency doctor said mommy should turn her in. You wouldn't believe all the sicknesses I had and the severe neglect.

But since I came home, I make mommy very happy and she loves me so much that I know she will care for me for the rest of her life... the rest of our lives.

I'm a very good boy; I can do things other cats cannot do, my twisty arms (and stubby-tail that bends under) are beautiful. Mommy always kisses my paws and arms, telling me I'm her boyfriend and how beautiful I am.

And!!! Aren't I so handsome? happy dance

I hope someone votes for me for something - my mommy, who is already proud of me might just burst out in tears of happiness!

I love you all, and promise a human in every pot if elected! puppy


~ Tiny D.
p.s. If you want to know more about my condition, feel free to reply and mommy will tell you all about it and how welll I get along, and the couple things to watch out for; but us Radial Hypoplasia cats can do anything and the ones that are in the shelters; mommy (and me) highly recommend adopting because we are very special!