Please, help my friend, my brother and sister too?!!!

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Miss Misterious
Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 1:38am PST 
Hi, everyfur!

I know that my sis Janie and bro Johnie have entered in a CUTEST PET CONTEST - for Janie and THE CUTEST PET - for Johnie and I really would like them to do well in there.
So, if anyfur could help and vote for them - that's would be so great!!!

But mostly, I want to help my dearest friend DAISY GLASS who entered into both contests in which Janie and Johnie are. Please could you be so kind to help her to win! My darlings Johnie and Janie have voted for her to win themselves.

If you'd like to help, - Daisy's entries are: Vote HER the CUTEST PET! in the Cutest Pet contest, and vote for her in HERE in the other one - this one will close soon and if you in time to submit your votes for her - Daisy's scores would go up and she then will have a chance to win or take place in there.

See, Daisy is very shy, and she didn't ask her furiends to help her win.
So, we'd like to do that for her and ask all our dear furiends on Catster and Dogster to help her.
Daisy was not active on Catster for a while cos, see, her mom is very sick for some time now, and she has no job to earn something to buy her medications.
Daisy is lucky, cos her mom spends all she could ever get on her.
So, Daisy wants to help her mommy to get better and if she wins - her mom will get a bit in prizes which will help her big deal.

Please, if anyone of our furiends would like to help my friend DAISY to win - Please vote for her on both contests.

Your kind help would be greatly appreciated.

May and family.