petsmart photo contest : )

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❤Ruben❤- DB #⑩

The Boss
Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 7:12pm PST 
If you have time please vote for me in the petsmart holiday photo contest.

http://animal-pictures.petsmart.com/displa yimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-14&pos=16

If you copy and paste there will be a break in the word display. You will need to fix that before pressing enter.

Thanks sooooo much! Its very much appreciated.

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 8:23pm PST 
I voted for you, Ruben! Good luck!


❤Ruben❤- DB #⑩

The Boss
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 4:33am PST 
Thanks Lucky boo : ) and thanks to your mom too.

Here is the live link

PetSmart Holiday Contest

There is another picture of both me and Gordy too if you have time to vote for that one : )
I really appreciate it friends hail

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TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 4:39am PST 
Good luck Ruben and Gordy! cheerdancing

We voted for both pictures!

Angel- Tabitha- (Tabi)

Alpha Cat- Wannabe

Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 4:41am PST 
Good luck my handsome Gordy and Ruben too!wave

We love your pictures!

Purrs and kitty kisses to Gordy xoxoxoxoxo


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 7:01pm PST 
Good luck, Ruben! Gordy too!

I would vote, but the link took me to a cat named Buster. confused

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Fri Nov 21, '08 10:58pm PST 
Go ruben go! way to go