Kaine and Jesse need your votes kitties!

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Guess what? Kaine and I made it into the SHAGGY SIXTEEN for the MUTT MADDNESS competition. You can check out the video here and vote if you like:


His video is titled "Kaine's first year" and it is the first video I created of him. All votes will be helpful to help get Kaine to the ENERGETIC EIGHT! If you have the chance, check out Jesse the Jack Russell's handstanding video. That is my sister and Kaine's "brother" Jesse. You are able to vote for one dog, in each bracket, so you can vote for both of us if you likesmile. Please let me know what you think of the videossmile.

Ashley and Kaine

P.S. Here is a link to Kaine's Dogster page:


We don't have any cats (yet) so we had to use a guest I.D. Any votes would help so much! The contest ends on Monday.


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We voted!