Time to vote in BCE Twin Eyes Contest. Voting instructions for all cats.

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Haley(the- Man)Cat

Comet of love - (I am a boy!)
Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 9:03am PST 
Twins entered so far
A Sasha 382337 and Wally Wallster 449951
B Friday 493080 and Jefke 463026
C Augie 433736 and Bijou 501620
D KC 476191 and Miss Jazzie 346370
E Mr. Fez 486307 and Morgan the Pirate Gato 267400
F Marilyn MonREOW 540109 and Deuce 319494
G Callie 492791 and Callie Jean 459706
H Buddy 492978 and Calvin 283044
I Katrina 368594 and Frosty 568095
J Missy 374111 and Cutie 447663
K Wally Angel 422734 and Cookie 411867

Hi cats. Voting ends July 8th, 2007 (9PM PST 12PM EST).

I've listed all the cats so far above. Start checking out the stroll!
http://www.catster.com/photos/tags/index.php?p=1&c=15&search_strin g=BCE Twin Eyes&order=newest&exact=y#

Or go to Search Photo Tags
Type in BCE Twin Eyes

Copy this form and pawmail me your Pair Name or Letter starting July 2nd, 2007.

I vote for Pair____________ for the BCE Twin Eyes contest.

Just 1 vote per cat household please. But, let all your friends and family know. You don't have to belong to BCE.

Your BCE administrator,
Haley Cat