Vote for best food/kitchen picture! Dogster/Catster contest!

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Skylar (10-26-99 to 7-23-10)

Cooking up- recipes in style
Purred: Sun Jul 1, '07 9:54am PST 
Welcome to the 2007 Cookin' Kitties and Doggies contest, sponsored by Chef Skylar's Open Restaurant.

Voting rules: Vote by putting your Dogster/Catster number as a comment. One vote allowed per Dogster/Catster member, and only vote for one picture!

Other comments are allowed as well, but only one actual vote with member number per voter.

Captain (RIP- 2006-2010)

Captain Cook
Purred: Sun Jul 1, '07 10:22am PST 
Vote for me, get a hug big grin

I'm snuggly!

wave -Captain

Kenneth- James T 1985- 2005

Kenny the Bone- Diddler
Purred: Tue Jul 3, '07 5:06pm PST 
No No Vote for me.. K-E-N-N-Y cheer

Please and Thank You.

*This message was brought you by those that love and endorse Kenny as a long standing champion of cooking and a long line of cats loving to eat. (the fine print)


Purred: Wed Jul 4, '07 10:23am PST 
Vote for me. I'll bring the wine, hic!. I love Mom's wine rack.wink

Skylar (10-26-99 to 7-23-10)

Cooking up- recipes in style
Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 3:35pm PST 
Only a few more days left to vote! Voting ends on July 31st.