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♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Wed May 2, '07 10:34am PST 
HI, I know Cats vs. Dogs its as old as time, however we shoud band together on this one,

You see, I just read the story about George, the little tiny terrier who gave up his life to save his kid people for two pitbulls over there in New Zealand.

My mommy was so moved by the story she decided to check out dogster.

There she found out that Dogster is up for some cool web award and its no small competition, they are up agains My Space and Friendster!

Here's why it'll be good to vote for Dogster:
1. If they win, that'll bring way more attention to Catster too!
2. More attention means more adverstinsing interest! (and more cool kitties joining!)
3. More advertising interest means more cool features for us...
4. Basic Trikle down effect.

Besides George took one for his team, and I think all dogs everywhere deserve kudoos for their undying loyalty to their people, and ....

I know a lot of you catsters out there have dogggies too!

So c'mon everyone lets vote for Dogster as the coolest social networking site in the world!!

♥ Sachin

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♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Wed May 2, '07 10:43am PST 
Try this link click here

♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Wed May 2, '07 11:15am PST 
From CNN.com
"WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A plucky Jack Russell terrier named George saved five children from two marauding pit bulls, but was so severely mauled in the fight that it had to be put down, its owner said Wednesday..."

Read about the hero doggie story: -- link removed --

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♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Wed May 2, '07 11:19am PST 
Read about the hero doggie story:Click here


Fiend #2
Purred: Wed May 2, '07 11:46am PST 
We heard that sad, bittersweet story, Sachin!

We'll support Dogster/Catster all the way...and for George!
Special thanks for the reminder to vote..aak hope it's not too late...

*runs off to find the fiends to vote*