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CoGnAc July- 25, 2005 ~- Septemb

Mr. Yickity Yak- Cognac
Purred: Mon Apr 30, '07 6:03pm PST 
My name is Cognac and I'm almost 2 years old. I'm a chausie aka jungle cat. Please check out my page and vote for me!!!kitty

♥ Eddy ♥

Chase me!
Purred: Mon Apr 30, '07 7:06pm PST 
Hey Cognac!

Im a little confused... where do I vote for you? And what is it for?

Your buddy,


Ms. Trix ... the- huntress
Purred: Wed May 2, '07 9:28am PST 
Yeah, me too?! I don't understandshrug but would love to VOTEway to go


All I really- want is GIRLS!
Purred: Wed May 2, '07 5:07pm PST 
Where do I sign? And what are you running for?

Oliver smile