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♥Frid- ay DB- #170♥

I'm a Freaky- Friday
Purred: Sat Apr 7, '07 12:47pm PST 
I have been at the Bridge for some time and Momma has entered me into the Snobbydog contest. I'm listed under "Shy Guy" and am the little black poodle pup sitting on top of a chair. Here is the link (you will have to scroll down, as it is in alphabetical order):


I know Momma really wants to see me win or at the very least get a ton of votes, so for the Easter season, let's do something great and vote for me and help make my momma happy. She still misses me alot! Let's put a smile on her face.
Get out there and VOTE FOR SHY GUY

Friday here: Bobbbie's personal campaign manager. Any questions or suggestions or help, just let me or Bobbie know. Thanks and now, a one and a two and a ...VOTE FOR SHY GUY


Stats Cat
Purred: Sat Apr 7, '07 2:03pm PST 
Hi Friday - I've already voted for my Doggy friend Pedro in this one and you are only allowed one vote.

But here's a link for any other kitties who want to vote.




A bit of- sweetness
Purred: Wed Apr 11, '07 11:51am PST 
I've voted for SHY GUY!


Handsome Devil
Purred: Wed Apr 11, '07 1:52pm PST 
Ok. We voted for you too.


Ms. Trix ... the- huntress
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '07 1:02pm PST 
Hey! We got to vote once, and that was over a week ago! Shessh, we have not been able to vote again since!

Good Luck!

♥ Eddy ♥

Chase me!
Purred: Tue Apr 17, '07 3:10pm PST 
Just voted for you, good luck smile