the first post - from a real turkish van!

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Empress of all- that I see!
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 3:16am PST 
i've bonded to mum and no-one else.
i won't tolerate anyone else touching or talking to me.
i love to sit on the side of the bathtub & watch mum play with the water.
i love to play with the water myself.
i am highly intelligent, obstinate and intuitive.
i know when mum is upset & i will locate & stay with her.
i will attack anyone in the vicinity if mum cries.
i try to speak & get frustrated when i am not understood.

is anyone else like me?kitty


Legally Blonde?
Purred: Sun Jun 3, '07 10:59am PST 
Hello friend,

I am a Turkish Van as well and share some of your traits. I love my mom very very much and she says I've finally found a forever home here with her. I protect her when we go to grandma's house and she sleeps on the couch- I sit on the arm of the couch and guard her all night while my silly little brother goes to sleep. When mom is upset, I'm right there to snuggle and comfort her. I'm not all that interested in water, but I am very active and friendly. I'm super smart and interested in everything that goes on.

Hope you are having a Van-tastic day!

~Eden aka Edy Angelpie


I am- beautiful...than- k you
Purred: Wed Aug 22, '07 5:23pm PST 
yes i understand all that you feel. I always get frustrated when mom and dad so not understand what i am saying. I must say, mom understands alot more then dad does. I also love to stike a pose, especially with one paw raised. I like water and sit on the tub and sometimes walk around the tub when mom is in it. She calls me twinkletoes.
Lacey kitty


If I keep- meowing they- WILL get up!
Purred: Mon Nov 12, '07 10:47pm PST 
I'm Max. I love to bat my water dish when it's really full, and have been known to knock it right off the counter (when I feel like it).
I LOVE big long tummy rubs. I also like to get my way and if I don't get it I will meow till I do. Don't pet me on my back, Thanks anyway.
I like to play hide and seek with Mom. When I'm not sleeping and all sprawled out with paws hanging all over, I like to climb up high and JUMP high.
I am ohhh so curious. I like to greet anyone who comes in the door from up on our table by the door (best view) Mr Sociable that's me. I love to EAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like to be near Mom and follow her from room to room when I'm awake. I like to lay on her legs when they are stretched out on the stool.
I am deathly afraid of the vacuum. If it is TOUCHED I run and hide.
I WILL let my humans know when I want something, and they had better figure it out or I'll just keep meowing till they figure it out!
I sure miss that big fish tank!
I like to smell and hide in hair or under blankets skirts, housecoats!
They tell me I'm like a dog more than a cat. I am bratty but sure good thing I'm so CUTE and loveable....
Anyone like me??????
Max & ccrew

* Bean *

Bouncing here- and there and- everywhere!
Purred: Wed Nov 21, '07 12:29pm PST 
Hi I'm Bean!

I love anything and everything! I follow my mom and dad everywhere they go- I don't want to miss a minute of excitement! I love to run instead of walk- sprinting is way more fun smile

My favorite toys are my mouse and anything with or around water..especially the toilet bowl! I love to lean over the edge and watch the water swirl... I'm a good boy and I wont reach in but I love to watch! I also love to play in the shower- sometimes I will surprise my mom with a visit! When I hop in I make sure to splash with my paws! Playing with my mouse is great because my mom will throw it down the stairs and then I get to run after it! No worries though, I almost always bring it back to her so she can throw it again- I love fetch!

Its great to meet everyone here! Woohoo for Turkish Van kitties and all cool cats for that matter!

Cheers smile


Schnooks the- Bold and Blind
Purred: Sun Jan 18, '09 7:42pm PST 
Hi, I'm Schnooks,

Mommy has been reading what other Turks like to do. She says I'm just about the same. Don't really know if thats good or bad, since Mommy and me just tolerate each other. I'm my Daddy's boy all the way!!

I too like to sit on the rim of the toilet and watch the water go whirl whirl. We are THE "swimming cats". I like to play in the tub after my humans take their baths. The water in my bowl is something that I'm always batting out. I do it just to drive Mommy crazy...hehehe

Tummy rubs I do NOT like. You do, you get bitten. I hate the way it feels.

Me and Daddy play fetch all the time. If he doesn't take me outside to play fetch when I want to, I'll just stand at the door and yeowl as loud as I can till he does. Works every time! Or, I'll follow him all thru the house, yeowling at him. That works too!

Mommy says I was a dog in another life. EEEWWW!! Thats gross! She keeps saying I have dog traits. No, I just have Schnook traits..*kitty grin* ...I'm just me.

yeowl y'all later,
Schnooks and company