Siamese, Tonkinese or Burmese

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Hello, I'm after some advice. I would like to know which of the above breeds are the cuddliest smoochiest cats. I have a moggie already who is very independent and not interested in sitting on my lap much to my annoyance!!!

So I'm after a cat who won't befriend everyone on my street who feeds it and who will WANT to sit on my lap and be my mate!


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All three breeds are known to be affectionate and people oriented. If you really want a ca that's devoted to you and no-one else (Burmese and Tonks generally are friendly to anybody) I would choose Siamese, as they tend to bond more with one person and be a little aloof to any others.
I personally love Tonks: the reason I got them is that I really wanted a cat who would be affectionate and like to be held. That turned out to be an excellent decision for me, as they love to be cuddled and held, and are highly affectionate. What I like about Tonks is that they have a little of Burmese and Siamese: they have the love of people that Burmese have, plus the do have a little favoritism like Siamese (I have two, and one decided I was her human, and they other one chose my mother.)
At any rate, all three would probably meet your cuddling needs, but it's up to you which sounds like the best.