I am new, learning how this works!

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I fetch, lick- faces...you sure- im a cat?
Purred: Thu Jun 18, '15 9:19am PST 
I have two kitty's, Belle and Hobbes. Just saying HI! Also when I post on forums my cats pic doesn't show up,just a white square where it should be, not sure why.. any one know?


the queen
Purred: Sat Jun 20, '15 3:36pm PST 
Welcome to Catsters!!!!! your pic is showing up now. Casters is thru a major makeover, somethings are working, some are not and some take a few. we are waiting for the new format to be rolled out, but, we are not sure when


I fetch, lick- faces...you sure- im a cat?
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '15 7:25am PST 
Thanks so much! I'm starting to get a hang of things!


Wild Child

Purred: Mon Jun 22, '15 3:11pm PST 
Hi, Hobbes and Belle! wave

Welcome to Catster!

Kitty cuddles,
Sundance, Shade, Shannara and Sterling



Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Wed Jun 24, '15 5:29pm PST 
welcomewave Yes Caster is a fun place, but right now there are alot of cobwebs & squirrely things not working rightly. We are to switch over to a new stable flea free format soon, not sure just when though. That is why some things don;t work correctly. But welcome! You will find a great bunch of kitties & their humans here. way to go In the meantime, welcome again! A friend request is on the way (if it workes hehe)

Mr D - D'boat #19

Purred: Thu Jul 2, '15 4:44am PST 
wave hi