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the queen
Purred: Thu Feb 6, '14 5:24pm PST 
There is a NEW PETITION started, it's on moveon.org. It is set up for the CEO of Say media: Matt Sanchez, VP of Brand Development and Global Marketing of Say Media: Michelle Panzer and VP of Product at Say Media: John Vars. The petition will be sent to them every couple days, with the update of people signing. So, we NEED TO pass this around and get as many people to sign this. This will also be on Moveon web site, so we might be able to get a few MORE SIGNATURES. In the comment section, please let us know if you are a catster or dogster member

The link to the new petition:

Help SAVE Catster/Dogster

Copy and paste and pass to your friends:


Link to Say Media's contact page:

say media contact page

Say Media's contact page copy and paste


Email Addy to write Say Media:


When writing or calling SAY MEDIA, please add John Vars name, he is VP of Product at Say Media

check out catplace.freeforums.net


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Check out this blog- catsterrefugees.livejournal;


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Paul David's new site


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Ellen Degeneres email Ellan page, must write her from here

Ellen Degeneres

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today show


CEO of Say media is Matt Sanchez


Michelle Panzer, VP of Brand Development and Global Marketing of Say Media


A new community with the old members
I have a full, lifetime license for http://www.phpfox.com/ (the software that runs the site, demos and features) with a huge number of plugins and themes available, this is one of the best programs out there for a community based website.
I also have a webhosting company and own a number of computers called "servers" these machines make the website visible to everyone.
I am proposing we create a new community that will have all the features of catster/dogster and even more.
We would need a number of volenteers, a new name (should not be cat/dog specific as running a combined site would work better)
If there are enough "likes" or favorable comments over the next few days, I can have a site live and ready for profiles by the weekend.
Let me know if this sounds like something you want to be part of
Paul David

Donna M Lenz "I didn't want to say anything - but since he's tweeting I will. Ted is trying to do something to save things. Ted has always cared - and the sale was a good business decision. He never expected it to turn out the way it did - and he's trying to find a solution. Say even pulled his access to their servers, etc. a while ago. Just be patient - and let's see what magic he can pull off. I've always stayed in touch with him - even when I stopped using Catster - because I KNEW he cared."


the queen
Purred: Sun Feb 9, '14 2:58pm PST 
We like to thank everybody for signing, but, we need all a lot, a lot more signatures. So Please remind your Catster/Dogster furry friends that it only takes a couple of minutes to sign this(Google auto fill should work on this petition) and it could only help, not hurt our cause. Also, daddy has signed a few petitions which did make a difference, and the companies change their mind. So, it could work for us, we just need to get more signatures. Besides emailing it to the CEO. Daddy also you going to print and fax it to CEO if he can get the fax number or print and mail it to the VP of the Chicago branch of say media, or more than likely both. There are more than 100 people on Catsters and Dogster's, so let's show say media how much we care about our club by filling up this petition and beating the last one that we all signed.

Was emailed this link, it looks like Ted is trying to get our pages archived in full. Here is the link for it.

Archive our pages

archive our pages

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The link to the new petition:

Help SAVE Catster/Dogster

Copy and paste and pass to your friends: