SAVE CASTER PETITION !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patches (In- Memory)

Purred: Fri Jan 24, '14 4:02pm PST 
Wow! This is so sad. I joined Catster after grieving for my cat. It was fun to come here. I don't care much for the Facebook app. It's like an open invitation to getting hacked.
Well, I suppose there's twitter but your limited to 140 characters.
I guess social networks have kind of gotten greedy.


Mom says I am- her special- Girl!!
Purred: Sat Jan 25, '14 4:44pm PST 
I and my furry family have signed the petition!!


little stinker
Purred: Sat Jan 25, '14 7:02pm PST 
Please read SAVE CASTER UPDATE, IT HAS MORE INFO that has come up this week

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