Hi there! New from Arizona!

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Merry Trickster
Purred: Wed Nov 27, '13 2:25pm PST 
My name is Loki. I'm real new here. I am a rescue kitty. My owner, Cheryl took me home on April Fools Day 2012. I survived a pit bull attack with no bites on me. Unfortunately, my mom and siblings were not so lucky. How I got the name "Loki" is that there is this god of mischief, Loki. Cheryl thinks Loki took form of a female cat which is me. And that is how I got my name. smile I hope to meet all kinds of neat kitties and humans.


Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Fri Nov 29, '13 9:59pm PST 
Hi, Loki! wave Welcome to Catster!welcome
You'll like it here -- and make a lot of new friends. Loki is a great name. way to go

Skittles- (2002 - 2012)

Papa's shadow - always by my- side
Purred: Wed Dec 4, '13 6:26am PST 
wave Loki, welcome to Catster!!

We would love to be friends, always like meeting new kitties and their people.

Tosca- Biscotti

Birds beware
Purred: Wed Dec 4, '13 11:46am PST 
Hi Loki! Nice to meet you. Welcome to Catster!welcome