I am new!

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Purred: Tue Oct 8, '13 2:52am PST 
Hi everyone!
So I escaped from another cat forum that just wasn't the cats meow in my opinion! So I jumped on the wave lengths of the internet and found my way to this forum.
I am really hoping to meet new people and possibly make new friends!
So let me tell you a little about my fur child. Her name is Kyeri (1.5yrs on oct 28th) (k-eye-ree) She is a diluted orange/yellow female tabby. She is my light at the end of the tunnel. When I am down I can count on her to lift me up. She is my best friend and I would never trade her for anything in the world. Although I will add to it and I hope she handles it well (I am going to be getting a doberman puppy within the next 6-8months hopefully)She used to share my bed with a 90lb lab so I think she will do fine but you never know. thinking She lives with me and 3 other humans. I am still in school and soon will be going to college. I am putting it off until I am 20 though because then I can live off campus and take her with me... I WILL NOT leave her or any of my other personal pets behind.
The other people in the house are my grandma she has a cat Roxy (1yr 4months) British shorthair possibly a mix she also has a dog Sally she is a chiweenie and my cat loves to play with her!
My uncle also lives here and he has a rat terrier names Joey. Kyeri doesn't pay much attention to him.
My brother also lives here. He as a pomchi names Alex (aka old wise alexyo)and one cat Lucky (1yr 8 months ish) (aka FattyMc-Fatterson) He is the meany of the bunch of cats and pushes my tiny little female out of the food bowl even if he has just eaten. Kyeri is the smallest at only 7.5lbs then Roxy 9.9lbs and then lucky 15.5lbs. My cat is the alpha female and does not let Roxy push her around but she lets lucky!
So every night I spend quality cuddle time with my kitty.She does not interact with me much during the day when sh is around people. She is VERY shy, I am the only one who can pick her up and hold her without either trying to catch her as she runs and hides or once caught she leaves 2 seconds later.
Stranger are a whole new level of scary to her, she hides in the litter box until she can make a mad dash to the next hiding place. So I let her in her sanctuary, (she spends a large portion of the day here)This sanctuary is her's and mine bedroom. She can spend all the time she ants in the room and when she wants out she meows and I let her out. Whenever she is in here she id very confident. When someone tries to pet her she accepts willingly unlike when she is in the living room. The only living creatures in her Sanctuary are my bearded dragons Sakari and Ebenezer Scrooge all the other animals are temporary (no animals are aloud in my room they are always removed unless they are Kyeri) and every other weekend my grandmothers dog spends the night in my room because my baby brother comes over and sleeps in my grandmas room in his bed and Sally wakes him up.
So she feels most confident in the room, she has food and water bowls which I only fill at night or if Lucky has been really mean other wise I do not supply her with food or water otherwise she would NEVER come out. She has a litter box and toys to play with along with the top bunk which belongs to her, only on occasion when my sister comes over is it used by someone else.Normally she sleeps on my bed but during the day allot of the time the top bunk is her thing.
I like to think my cat loves me, she grooms me and cuddles with me and talk to me and begs for attention when I am in my room and sometimes during the day when I am in the living room.
I love her soooooooo much
Goodnight everyone on the west coast, good morning everryone on the east coast and good whatever time of day it is to everyone on the other side of the world!cat on moon its time for this girl to hit the hay.

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Thu Oct 10, '13 10:31am PST 
Hi Kyeri!

welcome to Catster! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you like it here and makes lots of friends.

We sent you a friends request!


Wild Child

Purred: Thu Oct 10, '13 8:57pm PST 
Hi, Kyeri! wave Welcome to Catster! welcome You'll find many new friends here. big grin
I sent you a friend request and also a couple of invitations to Catster groups where you can post in their forums. You will get these invites through your email.

Kitten cuddles,


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Purred: Fri Oct 11, '13 2:41pm PST 
Welcome Kyeri & momma to Catster!welcome Sometimes things are a bit quiet round here, but we all have fun & like to make new friends. Browse around & jump in wherever you like to comment. A friend request is on it's way from the quartet. cat on moonwave


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Purred: Mon Dec 9, '13 4:42pm PST 
Hello Kyeri!!! welcome to Catster! I hope you make a bunch of furiends, and play some nice games!!!
Have fun!!
Loco (And Mikko!)