Solution for the Collar Problem

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Purred: Fri Jan 11, '13 12:20pm PST 
My cats like to go out in the fenced back yard, but just in case they get out or someone leaves the gate open, I want them to wear a collar with a name tag. They hate this and try to get them off, successfully!

I found a solution: at the Goodwill store I bought an ultra-bright synthetic knit jacket ($2) and just cut appropriate collars from the sleeves. The knit does not ravel and I was able to write the name, address and phone number with a laundry marker. I figured that if they lost this, I would just cut another from the jacket.

Surprise! The knit collars are so gentle that the cats don't seem to mind wearing them. In fact, once they are on they forget them.

Other advantages: I can find the cats when they hide in the bushes, birds can see the cats more easily, and if they should get out and get to the street, drivers would be able to see them. (So far that has not happened.)

I will post some pictures of these collars in the Gallery.