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Purred: Tue Jan 3, '12 3:14pm PST 
Hello! I am new here but have been reading some posts here and there since we first adopted our little furbabies.

A friend of my husband's told us his Mom's farm cat had kittens and she was looking for people to adopt. We had been thinking about getting some cats for a while so it was the perfect opportunity. We met them when they were itty bitty at 4 weeks old and finally took them home with us when they were 12 weeks old and fully weened. They are litter mates but everyone who meets them is always surprised to learn that because they look so different.

Eddie and his sister Chloe are both shoulder cats and super cuddly and friendly and best friends. They greet us and all our visitors at the door. They are super demanding of cuddles and being petted.

I love seeing all the pictures of everyone's cuties!

Here's a link to Chloe's page: http://www.catster.com/cats/1225715

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How great that you took in these kittens, and took littermates so they will keep each other company. Visited their pages, and they are such beautiful cats. They may look so different because they might well have had diffent fathers. Female cats can mate with several males, and have very strange looking litters.

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Purred: Wed Jan 4, '12 3:42pm PST 
Hi Eddie and Chloe! Welcome to Catster! You will like it here!
You two sure are beautiful kitties!

You can see some pics of me and my three littermates in my photo album. Our cat mom was a blue tabby with white paws and our dad was a brown tabby Manx with a rumpy-riser tail. We all had different tail lengths and different coloring. My sister K.C. came to live with us again in August 2008.

Gotta love them cute white socks! wink Nice to meet y'all!



Purred: Thu Jan 5, '12 12:45pm PST 
Thanks for the welcome!

My husband and I never owned cats before we adopted these guys, so we did a lot of research about cats and kittens before we brought them home. The woman we adopted them from also thought there were at least 2 fathers for the litter because of the variety. There were 8 kittens in the litter and only two black and whites, one short haired, one long haired. The rest were tabby, mostly white tabby and short haired. Eddie was the only male and only long haired tabby. They all had white socks smile. We didn't want to decide between them all so we just asked for one male and one female and it all worked out!


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Hi, Eddie and Chloe! wave
Welcome to Catster! welcome
You sure are pretty kitties!