I want you to know my story

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You don't own me- I own you
Purred: Sat Dec 24, '11 7:33pm PST 
I'm not sure if this is in the right section, but I am new to this.

My name is Elika, before I was living the happy life I am now I was in what I can only call Hell.

I was in a home where there were way too many cats, over at least 40 of them if not more. My owner if you can even call her that only paid attention to me and the other cats when she fed us, then we were left to fend for ourselves.

Being small, I was picked on a lot and many of the other cats didn't like me, so I was alone..unless I was in heat.

For the 2 years of my life I've had up to 5 litters, until finally the last one I had my owner didn't want to put up with us anymore.

When my kittens were weaned off of my milk, we were fed very little. I knew it was more important that they survive than I, they actually have a future ahead of them. I let them have all of the food leaving myself hungry.

My owner finally decided to get rid of me, and my new kittens as well. She dumped us off to a home way out in the country, not knowing this "field" was actually the yard of a loving family.

Once here I was very scared, and hungry.

Suddenly, a very nice lady walked up to us..I was very nervous as she approached but I was too weak to fight.

It was lucky that she was nice enough to take us all in..and nurse my babies and I back to health.

My babies now all have loving homes, and I now live with the nice lady that saved all of our lives.

I am so happy to be here..and couldn't have asked for a better meowmy.


Backflips are my- specialty!
Purred: Sun Dec 25, '11 9:36am PST 
This story makes me so very angry and happy at the same time. I could not be more sorry this happened to you! But I'm elated that someone so loving rescued you and you can have a wonderful and happy life from now on. Bless your new parents for taking you in and please know that we're so happy to have you here. Thank you for telling this story. It needs to be told! Merry Christmas to you beautiful girl! big hug


another black- and white boy
Purred: Mon Dec 26, '11 10:15am PST 
I am so gladyou now have a happy home Elika my mom has 6 of us and knows she can't afford to keep any more but wouldn't turn a needy cat away, thats how she got me. I was found in the deep snow last winter and then my old mom decided me and a new baby and a toddler was too much so she bought me to moms to be rehomed, which mom did. Then theperson who had me came back next mrning to say can she have me back. Now I live here and here I stay.

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

Mommys Kitty- Girl! I know- I\'m loved!
Purred: Mon Dec 26, '11 1:39pm PST 
Oh my dear!
There are 6 of us here, and its small, but you know, we're loved. Your story touched my human 'mom' because my mom is sure mine was a similar story. I showed up on her block one day, a bedgraggled, frightened and what the neighbors thought was feral slightly long haired but almost bald and skinny stray. I was on my second litter that my now mom knew of...and bought them, unfortunately, for safety to her neigbhors yard behind a rose bush. The neighbor hated cats. She got her garden hose and began to spray my kittens, hard. I stood in front of them and tried to protect them. At that moment, my Mom came out and got right in the neighbors face and told her to leave me alone!!!! And she ran in her house. My mom and her sister got me and my kittens. My kittens got homes...and so did I.
Too many years behind me now to count, but I am 'Elderwise' and Natalie would say. It was so long ago. But your story, it is has a happen ending, would that all of those in these situations do! It's why it's so important to 'until there are none, adopt one (or more).

Love and light to you....


Biting means I- love you..- right?
Purred: Tue Dec 27, '11 11:20am PST 
I'm so happy you have a good home now!

Buddy Bolden

Happy Cat
Purred: Tue Dec 27, '11 1:51pm PST 
We are so glad you found a safe, loving, furrever home. It is the best thing any cat (or dog) could want. We visted your page and left you a present.

The New Orleans Kittieswavewelcome


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Wed Dec 28, '11 11:42am PST 
way to go Bless your familys heart - This is for your momma flowers

Ralphie & Randy

Purred: Wed Dec 28, '11 6:56pm PST 
What a sad story. I'm so glad Elika and her kittens have found safe homes, so at least it has a happy ending for them.

How did you find out so much about her previous circumstances? Have the other 40 cats been rescued? Will there be any animal cruelty charges against the hoarder?


Ain't I a- handsome little- devil
Purred: Thu Dec 29, '11 4:29pm PST 
Sometimes good things happen to good kitties.I came from a household of small children who mauled me as a kitten.Now I have a wonderful forever home where I'm loved and have a wonderful sisfur to play with.cloud 9


You don't own me- I own you
Purred: Fri Dec 30, '11 10:24am PST 
Well it really starts out with my dad was taking care of 5 wild cats nearby his work which is 30 minutes away from where we live. He had been doing this for years and no one was ever bothered by it and they really wouldn't cause any problems. They must've been fixed because they never produced litters. They did have shelter that co-workers had supplied for them.

Next thing he knew more cats started showing up..and before long animal control was called.

Well someone had spoken to one of the secretaries at my dad's work and said something about a household full of cats and that they keep leaving with a car load of cats.

I'm thinking that because animal control was called the hoarder was trying to dispose of the cats in various places to not get caught. I'm sure though because someone saw this happening, he/she was caught. You can get rid of the animals but not the mess they cause.

I never for a moment thought that Elika was one of those cats until people kept telling me they got their cat "running wild" near *city where dad works*.

I just put two and two together.

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