Please help this new foster mom with questions

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I tried to find a home for my friends cat for 2 weeks before she moved away. No luck so we took this dear guy in till I can find a forever home. Because he was a outdoor (night time) cat we built a big cage that's 4x5 I can walk in and cuddle, feed etc. I read to keep him in there for 2/3 weeks till he bonds that we are his caregivers. Now I see no reason to let him loose as he is safe, fed and played with every day and night. We'd have him inside but he would be eaten by our dog.

Is it wrong to make him a inside cat now? He is Eight years old, very social and friends wagging his tail, wanting his belly rubbed, comes running when called etc. Very affectionate with head buts and snuggling. It should be noted he was kept outside 24/7 for 3 months every winter while my friend went away. Neighbors fed him them and he has a insulated cat condo he stays warm in etc.

We have kept him in the cage outside incase someone adopts him who wants an outdoor cat. I want him prepared. We live in a rural area.

Thanks for any help you can offer. He is a George us 12/14 lb tuxedo boy.