thumbnails don't exist

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Mr. Spunky

Purred: Sat Sep 10, '11 12:35pm PST 
I just joined and loaded up some pix for each of 5 kitties. Since they are family, the other 4 have links on each page.

Problem: Only one cat's link has a photo thumbnail. the other 4 do not have thumbnails, although a picture was uploaded. I did not see any size restrictions when uploaded but each picture should be under 600x600.

I copied the image location (URL) or each of the 4 missing photos and pasted into the address box. I get an "Oops. Broken link" message. : (

Can't find any help files or report a bug links here.


What gives?


Silly girl
Purred: Sat Sep 10, '11 8:02pm PST 
I see the thumbnails for all family members on each of your pages now, so the problem must have fixed itself?

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