How do I get in touch with you at Catsters?

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RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 4:21am PST 
I have just sent a long, long, right from the heart, post to the thread about Weebles....and it came up with 'you have said a naughty word'....I think that the naughty word was '****'......but I can't find where I have to write to to change it or make it acceptable......

PLEASE HELP ME.....there is so much I wanted to, and indeed did, say.......


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kaya skye

not fighting my- demons-we joined- forces
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 10:50am PST 
Raddy and his Meouwmy are very distraught. They simply want their post returned to them so they can fix it. Or perhaps you could edit out the naughty word and return it? Either way, some communication from Catster-Land to Raddy and his Meouwmy would so calm their nerves. They did not mean to offend...or Jan did not. Raddy...well, he's always been a bit of a savage. But that's part of his wilding charm...

wesley- alexis gold

i'm highly- reflective!
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 10:57am PST 
Raddy: scroll to the bottom of the page. look in the green block. i am hoping you are not colorblind. underneath the "have a cat? want a cat? love cats?" stuff is a line of type: "about us. advertise. contact. community guidelines. privacy policy. terms of service."

click "contact". i'm thinking that will get you in touch with the people at Catsters. or maybe a bridge will explode in Lithuania. who really knows?shrug

RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 4:26am PST 
Dear Terri

Thank you....

Jan and Raddy (who, well, let's admit it, is pretty revolting..!!)

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 7:35pm PST 
I couldn't find your missing post. No one had flagged it and it wasn't in the admin bin. I sent out an inquiry to the moderators and HQ. None of the moderators flagged it. Lori from HQ checked through all the edits in the forums and could not find it, either. She thinks that the Catster program must have deleted your whole post when it came upon the "naughty" word. So, I'm afraid it is gone.

Like others posted, when you're creating a long post you must type it first in a word processing program, then copy and paste it into the Catster forums. It's the only safe way.

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RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Wed Jun 15, '11 2:59am PST 
Dear Athena....thank you so much for trying to find my post for me.....I was SO frustrated when the whole thing disappeared...!! However, I have got over that now, and, if 'the spirit moves me' again, I will write another....but with no naughty words this time...!!!

Thank you so much...