How do I add a group logo?

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This is sort of embarrassing because I feel I should know but I am rocking up the charts on my Catster/Dogster group, Cowster. dancing
The only problem is, is when I try to make a group logo, it doesn't work. It is always 75X75 and PNG. IF PNG is not supposed to work, what kind of 75X75 photo is JPG, etc.

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Here is [part of] what it says when you click on "Edit the group logo" on a group page:

Helpful hints for adding an image:
..Images need to be in JPEG, GIF or Bitmap formats (e.g. .jpg/.jpeg, .gif or .bmp) format.
..If your image is larger than 50k we will attempt to reduce it's size which may slightly change your picture's resolution.
..Your logo must be 75-by-75 pixels.

PNG is not one of the file types listed, so you cannot use it, Daisy.

JPEG or JPG is one type of image file format. Most photos are in the .jpg file format. You can Google JPEG as well as the other file format types to see what they are and which format works best with which type of image.

For your group logo, you could open your PNG logo in your photo program. Then "save as" one of the other types of files (.jpg or .gif or .bmp).

Check the file size and make sure it's not over 50k, which is another requirement. Don't believe it when it says they will try to reduce the file size -- it will just reject it if it's over 50k. You have to reduce it yourself if it's too large, before you attempt to upload it.