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Purred: Sat Jan 8, '11 12:02pm PST 
For being around six months old my kitty Riley has had quite a few medical issues. When we picked him up from the SPCA he only weighed a pound and he had worms, fleas, and an upper respiratory infection. In time the infection healed, the worms were gone, but the fleas were quite the battle. We tried flea sprays, dusting, Advantage, and many more products but nothing seemed to work. With him at the vet every few weeks for check ups didn’t help with the problem.
When we took him to get neutered on Monday the surgery went well but they found ringworms from him licking his fleas, a UTI infection, and then a virus attacked his system and now he has cysts in his mouth. The vets are still trying to piece together what he may have caught. They’re not sure if he licked something caustic or he caught something from being so weak after surgery.
With all his health problems my hopes in joining this forum are to pick up some tips and tricks on how to help Riley live happier and healthier, and to make some friends along the way!


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Purred: Sat Jan 8, '11 2:37pm PST 
Oh sweet little Riley. What a time you've had. The best thing to do is to copy and paste all that info you just posted here and start a brand new topic in the health thread. That way you're guaranteed to have people see it and I'm sure others can help. Not everyone checks this particular thread so that one will work better for you! Hang in there little guy!


Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 11:58pm PST 
Hi Rileywave I hope you get better soon

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Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 5:27pm PST 
Hi Riley! wave I'm six months too, but mom's glad I don't have those issues. I guess we'll just knock on wood. I REALLY hope you get to feeling better. big grin


Purred: Tue Feb 1, '11 6:56am PST 
Thanks everyone for the get well wishes! Riley is feeling much better and hopefully he will continue to be healthier.