Newbie here...from Malaysia..

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Hi everyone, I'm Wawa..from Malaysia..i have 2 kittens..male & female..they are siblings..before this, i never get the experience to have a cat as pets..but, after finish my school, i got the green light from my parents to have them as long as i dont ask for other's money to buy their requirements & food..as for now, i'm feeding them Whiskas & Frieskies..but i heard that they are not good for long term..so, thinking off to switch to Blackwood..

ok, my cats named as Ayu & Kental..they are domestic medium hair..they were straying around my friend's house..their condition was so bad..fungus, earmites, eye problem, skinny..it was nice that i got help from another friend who is so kind to let them stay with her until they get healthy again..she treated them..at first, i want to keep Ayu only..but seeing Kental is so attached to me, i cant let him go for someone else..there's start how i start to have my own cat..

oh ya, i'm thinking of having a blog with information how to take care a cat. I mean all the info a person must know before having a cat. Since people around me dont really like cats, i hope by having the blog, i will help them realize that cat is a very nice creature ever in the earth..but the problem is that, i'm not sure what is the first topic should i write in the blog..

i got to many to say here..haha..need to stop here..anyway, thanks for reading..peace! any suggestion will be much appreciated..kitty


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Hi & Welcome to Catster. wave We hope you have fun here and make lots of friends.

Congratulations on adopting two homeless kittens. It's great that you decided to keep both of them. They will entertain each other (and you) and make your parenting a little easier. I love their names too: Ayu & Kental.

Anyway, the first thing I would recommend is having your kittens spayed and neutered as soon as they are old enough, otherwise you'll have more than 2 kittens before you know it. laugh out loud Even though your friend is tending them, you should get them to a vet so they can be checked over and get vaccines started.

One thing you will notice is that almost everyone on Catster has an opinion on cat food: dry versus wet versus raw, etc. In my opinion, the important thing to remember is cats are obligate (strict) carnivores. They get all needed nutrients from meat, and meat alone. Whatever food you choose, make sure it is primarily meat. I haven't heard of Blackwood so I cannot comment on its quality.

Again, congratulations on the new additions to your home and we hope you will have many years loving them and being loved in return.

Hugs & Purrs,
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Hi welcome to catster too.wave we are from New Zealand. I don't think there is any hard and fast rules with having pets other than making sure they have the basics .....Enough food / water / that they are healthy and have shelter (protection from the elements). These are the most basic must do's.

The rest is quality of life and laugh out loud I agree there are a lots of thoughts on that.
Where we try to do the best for our pets is... neutering them, (to cut down over population, the need to mark their territory / fight / wander to seek a mate). Type of food, toys, cat trees, whether they are allowed outside. Here we can only do our best and what we think is best for our pet, also with what we have available.

It's fantastic that you have taken in the strays and that you want to do the best for them. This website has a lot of good info if you check up in the icons up the top. There is one on Health & care, food, etc. There will be a lot of good info for you. Also you will get heaps from the forums like you are doing now. I hope you get a lot of good answers. Also check and post in the other threads too. I hope you have fun and enjoy your furry friends


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Hi Wawa! Welcome to Catster!

Beautiful names for your cats... I'm curious what the English translation is.

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Hi Wawa, I'm new too! I was a stray, and was just a baby when I wandered into my human's yard all by myself.

Ozzie, you sound like my human, which is why she got me on here to read and keep learning!! smile She knows my teeth can't grind anything anyway, so she doesn't give me the yummy little cookies anymore. cry

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