Cat virgin speaks

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Princess- Puppetmaster - dance human!
Purred: Sun Dec 5, '10 12:26pm PST 
So, until about two months ago I was a "dog person." I like cats, always have. But cats haven't really liked me, or at least just leave me alone. Now I have been adopted and am trying to get a grip on life with kitty. If I could have put personality, color, physicality, affection level, etc., into a computer and generate my "perfect cat," it was Kittybaby. And then she showed up on my door.

My Xena passed away last February (see my family), and I wasn't ready for a new dog yet. I never considered a cat.
Not bashing cats, cause now I have one. But I am a complete stranger in a strange land. Y'all will probably see me ask a number of questions that will probably seem stupid.

Anyway, just saying "hi!"


Super- freakey----MEOW!
Purred: Sun Dec 5, '10 1:08pm PST 
Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a cat! laugh out loud

Never feel bad about asking questions, there are many that will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. hamster dance

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Sun Dec 5, '10 4:32pm PST 
Yes, being owned by a cat is a wonderful thing....and don't worry about asking questions, there is always a CATSTER member who can either answer your question or refer you to a website.

See you around

The New Orleans Kitties wave


the queen
Purred: Sun Dec 5, '10 7:21pm PST 
do not feel bad, i was a dog person too, also, like cats, never had one. had to pts my dog in 96, 4 yrs later(2000), i got lady. there was a liter in a work yard i was working at, the only reason i even got her was i felt sorry for her, ten yrs later, i have 4 kitties. so, any questions you have just ask, even 10 yrs later, i am still learning stuff. bty, kitties are great, have fun with your new addition to the family.


Purred: Mon Dec 13, '10 7:16pm PST 
Hi. I'm new too, but not to cats. I do, however, remember what it's like discovering that your a cat person.

Like you, I liked cats but they didn't seem to like me. One one of the wonderful things your cat will teach you is how to communicate with him or her. But, it requires patience and keen observation on your part.

Try this with your cat and see how s/he responds. when your cat is looking into your eyes, blink very slowly, then slowly lower your gaze or look away. Ive heard this called the "kitty kiss" and you may notice your cat do something similar to you. I think it's a cat's way of saying "I trust you - I don't have to be on my guard around you because I know you won't hurt me." That, to a cat is the ultimate expression of love.

Enjoy your new cat and welcome to catster!