Question about multiple cat profiles

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Purred: Tue Aug 17, '10 9:35am PST 

How does it work with multiple cats on one account? I made one with both my cats, but now I made one profile for each cat. When you post in a forum which cat will appear as "author?" I'm also clueless as how to connect friends of my first profile with my new profiles. I'd like to delete the one I started with because it was just so I could get started but will this delete all the forums I posted in? Phew....thinking Thanks.

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Purred: Tue Aug 17, '10 7:18pm PST 
You may have figured this out by now, but when you post, underneath your response you will see a dropdown box "pick your author" and you select which of your cats you want to post.

To get your friends to include Pickles and Cinders individually, you will have to send them a friend request. As in the posting question, when you send a friend request you will have a choice as to which cat you want to send a friend request (or check all).

If you delete the page you started with, your posts will still be there but they will not link to your cat's profile page. I suggest you just leave the Pickles/Cinder page. You could use it when you want to speak for both cats in the forums. You could set up that page with pictures of both cats together. It also would come in handy if you wanted to send a rosette or gift to someone from both of your cats, showing both of them in one picture.

There are a few Catster members who have pages set up this way.

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Purred: Tue Aug 17, '10 8:14pm PST 
When I first had my rescue litter, I made them all a single profile called "The Striped Seven." Later when I ended up keeping 4 of the kittens from the litter I made them their own individual profiles. What I did was change the name of the profile I made for the litter from The Striped Seven to the name of one of the kittens, so now it is an individual cat's profile. I hope that makes sense... Anyway that way I didn't have to delete the profile or have it be there extra.
As far as the friends you'll have to invite them to be pals individually.


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Reading this post seems to answer a question I had. I was wondering if it was possible to have several cats (a litter) on one account instead of making individual ones for all kittens (as for now).
It looks like other hoomins have done just this for their mousers, so I should be okay in putting one for Hidey's 5 katzies together, right?

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Right!!! way to go