Hi I Am New Here

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Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 5:31pm PST 
I just registered myself and Zoe.
Zoe is 21 years old. She is God's Love.
I am hoping to get advise from other older cat owners on her changing behaviors. I am exploring the forums to find the right place to post. Any hints?


I get cuddles- 'on tap'......
Purred: Wed Jun 30, '10 7:32am PST 
Hallo, Zoe and Meouwmy...!!!

Join the Group called 'Olde Furts'.....particularly the thread of 'Miss Pie's Breakfast Club'......My old cat, Grandad Conrad, was a member there last year and Auntie Miss Lillie has recently reached the age of ten and has thus qualified to become a member!! They are very friendly, loving cats and will make you and Zoe very welcome......

Hope you enjoy yourself on Catsters.....we do....!!!

Jan (and furry family)

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Wed Jun 30, '10 8:11pm PST 
Hi, Zoe! wave Welcome to Catster. You came to the right place.
I'm sending you an invitation to the Olde Furts Group (the invite will come through your email). As Miss Lillie said, it's a great group with plenty of great advice. winkThey saved my life!
way to go