Something really weird happened, MOL

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♥- Nina- ♥- rehomed

Jellybean the- queen <3
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 10:09am PST 
OK so this morning when I went to check my email, I found a pup pal request from dogster. This is weird since I don't even have a pet page up yet, just a guest account. Cause when I went to acept the request, I couldn't do it. I guess my question is, how did the dog mannage to send me a request on catster? I thought catster and dogster couldn't mix yet? This is really weird.

Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:18pm PST 
Nina, those emails are spam. Lots of cats and dogs received them this morning. It might be a good idea to delete them rather than opening them. You should also report them to HQ. If you did click on the link in the email, them send it to HQ so they can trace it.

You can check your account page on Catster for pending friends requests and accept them there. That way you won't miss any and you can be sure they're legit.

We received 5 pal requests from Dogster this morning but didn't open them. Couldn't figure out why we were receiving Dogster pal requests from a Catster email address. We checked our account page here on Catster and there were no pending friends requests. We reported the spam emails to HQ. The kitties and pups who opened the spam emails said that when they clicked on the link in the email to see the friends request, there was a message about prescription drugs in the message section. frownfrown

Junior- Fluffkins

Let's play. Now.- NOW. I SAID- NOW!!!!
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:52pm PST 
If you still have those email in your mom's/dad's email inbox, you should forward them to support@dogster.com.

This way, HQ gets the internet information about where they were sent from, as many of the accounts they came from have been deleted probably as soon as the spam was sent.

♥- Nina- ♥- rehomed

Jellybean the- queen <3
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 5:11pm PST 
Thanks guys I've already forwarded it to HQ and reported it.
Uh-oh, could these spammers be drug dealers?

Twix- (Forever- Missed)

Mrs. Chinacat - Alfie's Wifey -
Purred: Sun Oct 25, '09 1:55pm PST 
A friend of mine had this happen to her, too. Also, I had a weird IM incident a few days ago. (Read my diary)