"Why Humans Do What Cats Want"

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Purred: Sun Sep 20, '09 9:05am PST 

Here is an article I read on why we humans submit so easily to our cats' desires! Very interesting!!! kitty


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Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 7:41am PST 
Great article! Thanks for posting.

Two things I really enjoyed -- "manipulation by meow." That was just funny to me.

And I love the last paragraph that basically says that people adore their cats because they feel the need to nurture...and that when you win a cat's love, there's just nothing else like it in the world.

They really got it!
Coop's Mommy


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Purred: Thu Sep 24, '09 12:54pm PST 
Heh. We taught mom a lot of the things that scientists have taken years to discover. Does that mean that cats are smarter than scientists? laugh out loud