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Have teeth, will- chew!
Purred: Sun Aug 30, '09 2:55pm PST 
Hi, I'm Chewie! My little brothers (ok, so Milky Way is bigger than me, I'm still older!) and I are new to Catster. We've already made a few friends, and are looking forward to meeting more. Meow and purr!

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Sun Aug 30, '09 6:18pm PST 
Hi, Chewy, Milky Way and Duster! wave Welcome to Catster! We sent you a friend invite. Feel free to prowl around!

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn


Mr. Sweetness
Purred: Tue Sep 1, '09 9:13am PST 
Hi Chewie
I know ou'll make many friends here and have a great time

♥ TT- ♥

Purred: Wed Sep 2, '09 11:15am PST 
Hi Chewie! wave



Where is my mom?
Purred: Wed Sep 2, '09 2:43pm PST 
waveHey Everyone I am Jasmine and I am new to catster I been looking around and made a few friends. This site is wonderful how is everyone doing?


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Thu Sep 3, '09 1:06pm PST 
Hi, Chewie wave, Hi, Jazmine wave -- Friend requests on the way to you both!

Welcome purrs,


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Thu Sep 3, '09 1:08pm PST 
Welcome Chewie. Friend request on the way dancing