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Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 5:28pm PST 
Just wrote a diary asking for a Tech Support Blog, a place where we can all post tech issues and hear what's being done, how things are prioritized, etc.

Hazel Lucy


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 6:07pm PST 
I agree with Hazel Lucy this is something the site has needed for a while now & would help make things much easier & smoother.


I'm the- princess!
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 6:26pm PST 
I think this would great! Hazel Lucy is absolutely correct that there are some very technically savvy folks out there.

Thanks for suggesting this!


Chill out!
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 7:56pm PST 
I think that would be a great idea too! Security, browsers and the internet are constantly changing and it's very hard for the casual user to keep up.

Teddy Bearz♥DB#35a

Heaven Sent
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 8:50pm PST 
Absolutely Auntie HL!
I don't want any other kitty to get deleted! I lost a years worth of diary entries! Not to mention all those sweet messages in the rosies.
*Teddy puts his head in his paws and cries*
Thank you for looking out for us~ Auntie

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 9:40pm PST 
Don't cry Teddy, we love you.
**puts his head on her shoulder**
love you,
auntie Hazel Lucy

Icebox- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Principles ...- Values ...- Common Sense
Purred: Fri Jul 24, '09 4:39pm PST 
cry Teddy cry
That is so sad
* hugs Teddy *

Catster HQ

Purred: Mon Jul 27, '09 2:41pm PST 
We love you furs and your ideas! We will definitely add this suggestion to our list for consideration!

Right now, with limited resources, in order to serve you best we need you to continue to send any problems to support@catster.com.

As always, if we become aware of a technical issue that affects a lot of members we will post it in forums or on the site blogs.

Colorado *In- Loving- Memory*

Mr. Coon
Purred: Wed Oct 14, '09 11:08am PST 
How timely that I am here reading Hazel Lucy's topic about needing a Tech support Blog when I"M HERE LOOKING FOR TECH SUPPORT! I'm looking at an URL given to me by support@catster called the admin group-7918 but it doesn't exist anymore!

There are hints and to do's all over cyberspace but getting the right transfer of media onto Catster is tricky. Anything I have achieved has been through my pleas to indiviual cats.

So yes! Let's get tech info all in one place--"We Need A Tech Support Blog".cheer

Junior- Fluffkins

Let's play. Now.- NOW. I SAID- NOW!!!!
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:55pm PST 
Hey, HQ, if you want to hire my Mom, you can have one more resource for this blog! We think it's a fantastic idea and my Mom can help you. cheer

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